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Hot Summer Toys: Goliath Games’ Zoom Ball is Simple, Fast Fun!


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When it comes to summer toys for outdoor fun, it always seems that the simplest ones tend to be the best. One recent entry that captured the spirit is the Zoom Ball, something the folks at Goliath Games included in a  shipment of review materials that we received right around the time of the North American International Toy Fair this year. At the time, outdoor play wasn’t the first thing on my mind (it was cold), but now it’s prime time for warm weather fun, and Zoom Ball is a hit. As they say, you just “Zip it to Rip it!” Check out the video below to see it in action…

With aerodynamic characteristics similar to that of a football, the Zoom Ball is a lightweight ball with two thin nylon ropes that pass through it. On each end a pair of handles allow two players to take turns zipping the Zoom Ball back and forth to one another – sending the ball a good 12 feet in less than a second. It takes coordination to open and close your arms with the right timing to keep the game flowing. As a side benefit, this is something to get kids (or grownups) active, easily helping to work up a sweat and get that heart rate pumping. 

Additionally, the Zoom Ball is available at most major retailers and many specialty shops for right around $15 bucks, if not less. 

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