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Deal: Black Friday Savings from Step2 going on now!

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Shop Step2.comIf you're looking for some great savings on products for the kids from Step2, there's no need to wait until Friday. The folks over at Step2 got in touch with The Rock Father this evening with news that their Black Friday Sales are in-effect right now on their official site! Curious what kind of deals are in-store? Check out some highlights below...

Holiday Sale-HeadstartWith Black Friday inching earlier into the week this year, a lot of folks are getting an early start and are hardcore into the holiday shopping already. With that, the folks over at SuperHeroStuff got in touch with The Rock Father to spread the word on their 7-Day  Thanksgiving Super Sale - on nove through November 26th. There's different deals every day - including Black Friday and Cyber Monday - so if you have a family member or other person on your list that digs pop culture, you just might find what you need. Check out the details below along with an exclusive coupon code!

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Time to Play: An Octane-Obsessed Little Girl

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Originally written by James Zahn (The Rock Father) as a Guest Post at TTPM

Around the Blogosphere, there has been a lot of discussion regarding “gender-neutral” toys in recent months. There’s been a lot of finger-pointing at toymakers and retailers for allegedly embracing stereotypes, though more often then not, I tend to see parents making an attempt to guide their children toward or away from certain playthings – not some faceless, corporate overlords. I say, “let the kids play with what they’d like.”

The OUR PLACE NETWORK (OPN) has launched a new mobile application and podcast geared toward teens and tweens as part of their effort to create a social network for adolescents. The iOS App is currently available in the App Store, and is expected to roll out on other platforms in the near future. Full details landed here at Rock Father HQ this weekend, and can be viewed below. 

Last month, I made my love of the General Mills Monster Cereals quite clear when I celebrated their return to stores for another season of frightfully-fantastic breakfast delights. Now that we're almost at the end of October, it would feel wrong to leave the boys out of 31 Days of Halloween here on The Rock Father, so for Day 27 we're turning back the clock to take a look at the first appearances of Count Chocula and Franken Berry and Boo Berry. I tend to think that my daughters will never have such an emotional attachment to a line of breakfast cereals...

They say that "there's no wrong way to eat a REESE'S," and hopefully that's the case, because I've eaten them just about every way possible. In a car... in a bar... in boat... with a goat, they're like Green Eggs and Ham, and I would eat them with Sam I Am. Yes, I'm a sucker for REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups, and it looks like my oldest daughter must've gotten the gene, as she was recently caught using a chair to reach a bag tucked on a high shelf in our refrigerator. Keep in mind, she's 3. My point with this? When it comes to Halloween Candy, nothing hits the spot like REESE'S Peanut Butter Pumpkins.

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