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The 2012 Fids & Kamily Music Awards – The Best in Kids & Family Music, winners announced!


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Now in it’s seventh year, the annual Fids & Kamily Music Awards have become a traditional celebration of the best in kids & family music. Inspired by the Village Voice’s long-running “Pazz & Jop” Music Poll, Fids & Kamily gathers it’s data from a variety of rock n’ roll gangsters folks that are connected to family music in some fashion or another – bloggers, writers, radio personalities, and more. For the first time, The Rock Father is represented in the poll, as I was recently invited to become one of this year’s 26 judges. So who were the best of the best? Find out below…

A total of 63 albums received at least one vote, with 15 chosen as the best of 2012 alongside 5 runners-up.

The Top 15 albums of 2012 are (in order):
1. The Okee Dokee Brothers – Can You Canoe? {source}Can You Canoe? - The Okee Dokee Brothers{/source}
2. Various Artists – Science Fair {source}Science Fair - Various Artists{/source}
3. Recess Monkey – In Tents {source}In Tents - Recess Monkey{/source}
4. Lunch Money – Spicy Kid {source}Spicy Kid - Lunch Money{/source}
5. Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower – Blue Clouds {source}Blue Clouds - Elizabeth Mitchell{/source}
6. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo – Make Believers {source}Make Believers (Bonus Track Version) - Secret Agent 23 Skidoo{/source}
7. Randy Kaplan – Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie {source}Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie - Randy Kaplan{/source}
8. Dog on Fleas – Invisible Friends {source}Invisible Friends - Dog On Fleas{/source}
9. Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band – A Potluck {source}A Potluck - Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band{/source}
10. Ozomatli – Ozomatli Presents OzoKidz {source}Ozomatli Presents Ozokidz - Ozomatli & Ozokidz{/source}
11. The Pop Ups – Radio Jungle {source}Radio Jungle - The Pop Ups{/source}
12. Gustafer Yellowgold – Gustafer Yellowgold’s Year in the Day {source}Gustafer Yellowgold's Year In the Day (Bonus Video Version) - Gustafer Yellowgold{/source}
13. Elena Moon Park – Rabbit Days and Dumplings {source}Rabbit Days and Dumplings - Elena Moon Park{/source}
14. Sugar Free Allstars – All on a Sunday Afternoon {source}All On a Sunday Afternoon - Sugar Free Allstars{/source}
15. Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower – Little Seed {source}Little Seed - Songs for Children By Woody Guthrie - Elizabeth Mitchell{/source}

Honorable Mentions (unranked next five):
Big Bang Boom – Because I Said So! {source}Because I Said So! - Big Bang Boom{/source}
Caspar Babypants – Hot Dog! {source}Hot Dog! - Caspar Babypants{/source}
Elska – Middle of Nowhere {source}Middle of Nowhere - Elska{/source}
Renee & Jeremy – A Little Love {source}A Little Love - Renee & Jeremy{/source}
Laura Veirs – Tumble Bee  {source}Tumble Bee - Laura Veirs{/source}

Selections from many of these albums can be heard on a special edition of Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, which can be streamed from PRX or from the player below:

http://www.fidsandkamily.com/ or contribute a “like” on Facebook

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