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2014 Rock Father Fitness Challenge: Week 30 Results

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THE ROCK FATHERRock Father vs. Rock Father – It’s been 30 weeks since James Zahn and Tom George (read the kick-off story here) began a year-long journey to not only lose weight, but get fit. These two Work-at-Home Dads had let time and their jobs take their toll on their personal well-being. For each week of the journey, we’ve been checking-in to find out how their efforts are paying off. This past Sunday, July 27, 2014, both men did their weigh-in, and these are the results…


Starting Weight: 330 | Last Week: 303 | Current Weight: 298

About Week 30, James states: “I’d cracked the 300 mark – then went on the road and gained a few pounds back. Now I’ve lost it again. To understand how monumental this is, I haven’t been under 300 in probably close to a decade. If you’re interested in my daily progress, follow me on Instagram where I’ve been posting #AtTheGym selfies almost nightly… something I recently found out annoyed some of my Facebook followers. Stay tuned…”

TOM GEORGE of FiXT Publicity

Starting Weight: 396 | Last Week: 374 | Current Weight: 374

About Week 30, Tom states: “I have be sicker than a dog over the past few days. I’ve pretty much been on bed rest. I am planning on starting back up at the gym once I recover from this horrible cold.”

So far, we’re tracking a 32 pound loss by James, and a 22 pound loss by Tom.

And here’s “Ready, Aim, Fire” – the new lyric video by BLUE STAHLI!


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