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Summer Superhero Action: THE ROCK FATHER’s Netflix #StreamTeam Picks

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Netflix Stream TeamAhhh yes, the end of July. As many of you know, the annual Comic-Con International just wrapped-up in San Diego this past weekend, bringing together the best in pop culture fandom under one roof. While I was not there, I still covered some of the news here on THE ROCK FATHER, all while intently keeping an eye on all things super – because, at the end of the day, it’s still Comic-Con, and while it’s everything entertainment at this point, the event has a history rooted in the panels of comic books. With that in mind, I’m putting a post-SDCC spin on my Netflix #StreamTeam column this month, highlighting some comic-based, heroic content for you to enjoy with the family on nearly any device.


I work with PBS on their PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent) program, and as such, I remember catching a preview of this at the annual meeting last year. If you’re at all into comics, you need to see this three-part documentary mini-series, which explores how comics evolved from depression-era strips to regular books and big budget Hollywood blockbusters.


I’m behind in the game here, but I’ve only seen one episode of the CW’s breakout hit based on DC Comics’ GREEN ARROW. I’m gonna start catching up since it’s available on Netflix, and you can, too. The upcoming season teased the coming of Ra’s al Ghul – a villain better-known for tormenting THE DARK KNIGHT himself, BATMAN. Plus, ARROW has already spawned the upcoming spin-off based on THE FLASH.


LEGO + anything is pretty good, right? The LEGO SUPERHEROES line has been a home run, and this special posits Loki against THE AVENGERS and THE AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Kids love it. I love it.


I loved this series during it’s initial run, something I indulged in prior to becoming a parent. Here we have a retired Bruce Wayne who’s passed the torch to a young protege. 

THE AVENGERS (multiple titles)

If you’re into THE AVENGERS (as you should be), Netflix has a ton of titles focusing on CAPTAIN AMERICA, THOR, IRON MAN, THE INCREDIBLE HULK and the rest of the crew. From the recent live-action MARVEL film to animated affairs such as AVENGERS: ASSEMBLE, ULTIMATE AVENGERS 1 & 2, THE NEXT AVENGERS and AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES, there’s a lot of action here for all.


The AMC Reality Series focuses on the staff of JAY AND SILENT BOB’S SECRET STASH – the New Jersey comic shop owned by filmmaker KEVIN SMITH. It’s a little bit like the PAWN STARS set-up with sellers stopping by to sell their wares, but there’s plenty of super-goodness here for all.


This is a wildcard, as it’s a documentary that I found pretty sad and depressing… but, it’s an interesting look at the lives of “real-life superheroes,” individuals that have been so inspired by the comic book world that they’ve taken it upon themselves to live dual lives as “heroes” themselves, all to varying effect.

Look for more Netflix Picks from THE ROCK FATHER next month. What will the August Edition hold? Stay tuned…

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