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Of all the things one should consider when buying a car, safety should be your number one priority. 1.25 million people die in road crashes every year around the world and up to 50 million get injured or are permanently disabled after accidents on the road. A safe car on the road will protect you from getting into accidents and sustaining injuries. Of course, we also don’t want to sacrifice having any fun on the road for driving a minivan. Thankfully there are many options out there that can give you the best of both worlds. Here are three tips for finding a sports car that is safe on the road.

1. Proper Functional Safety and Inactive Safety Features

The first thing to consider when looking for a safe sports car is proper functional safety and inactive safety features. Functional safety comprises features that prevent vehicles from accidents. They include functional brakes, effectual clutches, and proper suspension. It would help to inspect each of these features in a sports car to ensure they are operational.

Inactive safety features protect the driver and other passengers from accidents and injuries if the functional features fail. One inactive safety feature is adjustable headrests that prevent the head from going back and forth during a collision. Another one is the airbag. The airbag should be available for the driver, all passengers, and cover the car’s front and sides. While seat belts are always overlooked, they are another inactive safety feature. The seat belts should be adjustable to fit the passenger’s height and size. A sports car with proper functional safety and inactive safety features is necessary for any driver looking to stay safe on the road.

2. Driver Assistance System Technologies

The second tip for finding a safe sports car on the road is to buy models equipped with safety and advanced driver assistance systems technologies. The technologies could include crash-avoidance capabilities like forward collision warning (FCW), lane departure warning system (LDWS), rear-cross traffic alert, automatic emergency braking (AED) with pedestrian detection, and blind-spot warning (BSW).

FCW technology provides audible, visual, or tactile alerts to warn the driver of an anticipated collision with a car or object on the road. LDWS will send signals to warn the driver when the car begins to move out of the lane. A rear-cross traffic alert informs the driver of other approaching vehicles when the vehicle is in reverse. AED automatically stops the car from an impending collision if the driver doesn’t react in time. BSW monitors a car’s sides and warns the driver of other nearby vehicles.

These advanced driver assistance system technologies are significant in keeping drivers and passengers safe from any accidents. A car with these technologies will enable you to drive safely and avoid any accidents on the road.

3. Proper Handling

Handling refers to how a car reacts to the road and the driver. Sports cars need to have better handling because of their high power, speed, and functionality. Poor handling abilities in a sports car can put the driver at a higher risk of accidents and injuries. Purchasing a car with proper handling will save you from incurring any injury costs due to road accidents. While this might mean sacrificing a rear-wheel-drive sports car for a front-wheel or all-wheel-drive car instead, the safety that brings with it is worth it in the long run.

A sports car with proper handling can go around corners and make sharp turns at high speed without losing direction or toppling over. Proper handling is also essential in road emergencies. A car with better handling can be easily swerved to avoid collisions. A vehicle that handles well will also respond swiftly to your steering and braking inputs. On the other hand, a car that handles poorly can easily lose direction in case of an emergency.

Sports cars with better traction tires have better handling. Cars with advanced suspension components like shock absorbers, springs, and sway bars, also have better handling. It would be best to consider these features when buying a car.

Buying a car by considering appearance and performance alone can lead to dissatisfaction.

About 80% of all buyers end up regretting their purchase, so be sure to take your time choosing the perfect car for you. Take into account all important considerations like cost and purpose when buying a car to avoid dissatisfaction, and you should be on your way to getting your dream safe sports car!

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