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Halloween 201431 Days of DEATH WALKS THE STREETS: Day 6  – Not many people know this, but here in the archives is an unfinished book the the DWTS series… one that just needs colors and letters, and could easily be released. Eventually, the prequel mini-series will be completed and repackaged in one concise volume, but until that time, there is more to share. The three images below represent scrapped artwork for that next, as-of-yet unfinished book. Great artwork by Guilherme Balbi, but not right for one reason or another…

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About “31 Days of Death Walks the Streets”:

DEATH WALKS THE STREETS (DWTS) is a genre-bending transmedia entertainment property created by James Zahn in 2004… long before becoming “The Rock Father.” In celebration of it’s 10th Anniversary and the Halloween Season, 31 DAYS OF DEATH WALKS THE STREETS is a spin-off of the annual “31 Days of Halloween” feature, presenting an inside look at some materials from the comic book series and the intended DWTS film series.

Stay tuned…

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