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Tiggly Counts: New App & Toy for Preschoolers set for Launch… Win it here!


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tigglypumpkinThis November, interactive learning company Tiggly will follow-up their award-winning Tiggly Shapes with the release of Tiggly Counts“a revolutionary new way for kids to learn math.” Inspired by the cuisenaire  rods  used  in  Montessori  education,  Tiggly  Counts  includes  a  set  of   five  colorful  counting  Toys  that  interact with  three  parent-and-educator­‐approved   Tiggly  iPad  learning  apps.  The  combination  of  physical  and  digital  play  helps  children   develop  their  number  sense,  counting  skills,  and  understanding  of  math  operations,   such  as  addition  and  subtraction. While the set won’t be available until next month, Tiggly has teamed-up with THE ROCK FATHER to offer readers a chance to win a Tiggly Counts set of their own, and offer 30% off the normal price of $29.95 for those wishing to pre-order. Curious what more Tiggly has to offer? Check out the specs and enter to win below!

Tiggly Counts


Tiggly  sets  off  an  adventure  to  deliver  the  most  delicious  apple  in  Tiggly  Town  to  his   beloved  grandmother!  Along  the  way,  Tiggly  will need  you  to  use your  counting  toys  to  build  bridges,  ladders,   and  much  more  to  help  him  overcome  challenges  on  the  land,  sea,  and  even  outer space!  Tiggly Addventure   introduces  you  to  number  line  concepts  while  helping  you  improve  your  number  sense  and  counting  skills.   Count  up,  count down,  count  all, and  count  on!    

tiggly2Tiggly  Cardtoons:  

A  world  of  playful  and  surprising  learning  comes  alive  at  the  speed  of  imagination  as  you   use  your  counting  toys.  Two  pieces  of cardboard  become  a juggling  owl,  or  a  hungry  shark  with  a  taste  for   apples,  or  a  rumbling  truck  carrying…  snakes?!  Tiggly  Cardtoons  will  help  you learn  basic  math  ideas such  as   one-­‐to-­‐one  matching,  counting,  and  equal  sets.        

tigglycTiggly  Chef:

Emergency  in  the  kitchen!  Tiggly  Town’s  greatest,  most  mustachioed  Chef  needs  help,  and  only   you  and  your  counting  toys  can  prepare  his preposterously  silly  recipes.  Think  you  can  beat  the  Chef  at  his   own  game?  Devise  your  own  kooky  culinary  concoctions  in  one  of  Chef’s  three  kitchens! Along  the  way,  Chef   will  help  you  learn  numbers  and  early  addition  concepts;  he  will  introduce  you  to  math  symbols,  and   encourage  you  to  follow instructions  and  to  think  flexibly.

Exclusive Pre-Order Offer: Save 30% with code TIGGLYCOUNTS (click here)

**Good 10/7/2014-11/21/2014**

Available exclusively for iPad, the Tiggly Apps are available in 10 different languages, and the Tiggly toys require nothing but the iPad itself – no additional settings, no bluetooth, just the pad and the Apps. Each set comes with a felt carrying pouch for easy transport and storage.

Enter to Win Tiggly Counts:

Use the Rafflecopter Widget below (it will guide you), starting with the first (mandatory) entry method – Leave a Disqus comment on this post that shares your answer to the following: 

QUESTION: What is your favorite feature of Tiggly Counts (click here to see more)?

After that, you can complete social actions for additional, completely optional entries. Please Note: By entering giveaways on The Rock Father, you agree to comply with my fairness policy.


http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/b00639fd231/” rel=”nofollow”>a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Fine Print: 

This promotion is sponsored by Tiggly. THE ROCK FATHER was compensated for his partnership, though all opinions are that of James Zahn. Promotion open to residents of the U.S. only, ages 18+, void where prohibited. Winner will be chosen on, about, or after October 24 2014, and will be notified via email to obtain their shipping address. If no response within 24 hours, an alternate winner will be chosen. Prizing provided & shipped by Tiggly (expected ship date in mid-December).

1980s-style Disclaimer: Many will enter, few will win! Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery of prizing (seriously, probably not that long), The Rock Father is not responsible for any lost or misdirected packages. In the rare occasion that a prize does not arrive (which, sadly, has happened), you have no remedy other than moving on.

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