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31 Days of Halloween: CARE BEARS: Welcome to Care-A-Lot – “Sleuth of Bears”

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The CARE BEARS might not immediately come to mind when thinking of Halloween, though a line of Costumes (mostly dresses) and a seasonal compilation of 80s cartoon episodes called “Bears Share A Scare” does exist on DVD. For 2012, however, CARE BEARS: WELCOME TO CARE-A-LOT (currently airing on The Hub) took a step into frightful territory with the episode entitled, “Sleuth of Bears.”

With The Hub’s version of Care Bears being a staple here at Rock Father HQ (my 3-year-old literally demands it) since it’s launch earlier this year, we first caught “Sleuth of Bears” when it originally aired back in June. Back for a repeat performance over the weekend (stored on our DVR), this spooky tale finds the Care Bears haunted by images of Bennefare, the “original SCARE BEAR” as seen in a long-running series of horror films that are big hits in Care-A-Lot. As legend has it, Bennefare haunts the grounds of the “Gloomy Glen,” terrifying whatever Care Bears happen to have the misfortune of crossing his path.


While a fictional tale, things take a bizarre turn as Grumpy Bear’s Care-a-Van is attacked by Bennefare in real life while Grumpy watches SCARE BEAR movies on TV. To solve the mystery of the horrific attack, the Care Bears band together, acting as a group of detectives to uncover the truth behind Bennefare. In the end, [SPOILER ALERT] “Bennefare” is unmasked to reveal that he’s just a pair of Beasties in a crudely-made costume. Why were they tormenting the Care Bears? Because Beastly “told them to,” and he “would’ve gotten away with it if not for you pesky bears,” he boasts. Indeed, the entire episode is wrapped in one big homage to SCOOBY-DOO and the Mystery Inc. crew. 

As for Bennefare? It turns out that he did exist in real life, and he left a secret for all Care Bears to enjoy… 

For showtimes and other goodies, check out the official CARE BEARS: WELCOME TO CARE-A-LOT page on The Hub

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