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Road trips are an important part of childhood, so it is a good idea to go on a number of them as a family. They do not, however, have to be messy, tiresome, dangerous, and stressful. Following the five tips outlined below will help you have a safe and enjoyable trip as a family.

Decide Whether You Want an RV or Your Usual Car

Each of these options has a few pros and cons. For added comfort if you have a large family, and if you will be on the road for a while and probably venture a bit off the tarmac, an RV will be a great idea. It could also help you save the costs of a hotel if you can all spend the night in it comfortably. If you do not want to attract attention as travelers, experience parking limitations, and will only be taking a short trip, you can skip the RV. Note that there are two categories of RVs to choose between, and they are motorized motor homes and those towed behind your family car called towables. This avails even more options for you to ensure you make the most of your trip.

Make Sure to Pack Snacks

This will save you from having to spend time and money buying food from roadside hotels and such. You can also include some fun activities for the kids so they are too distracted to keep asking if they are there. Some DIY ideas for snacks include sandwiches and fruits. Water is also very important. For the activities, you can carry colors and coloring books, sticker books, and even flashcards.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Distractions are to be avoided at all costs, so no checking your phone every few minutes. Remember that millions of people suffer from injuries while on the various highways in the U.S. each year, so always keep your eyes on the road. Remind the passengers to avoid distracting you because it can have terrible results. Also, make sure you are well-rested to avoid falling asleep at the wheel.

Drive at Night Whenever Possible

This will help especially if you have younger kids. Keeping them distracted while they’re awake during the day is tough, and may end up being a distraction for the driver as well. Having the road trip at night will provide for a peaceful trip during which you can have important discussions with your partner, or just get some peace of mind. You may also leave very early in the morning so that by the time the kids are fully awake, you are a bit closer to your destination. This is where some DIY fun like playing cat’s cradle can easily take over. You may also bring along DIY kits like origami paper folding sets as well as beads and books to read for older kids.

Make Sure to Discuss Plans With Your Partner or Co-Parent

If possible, make sure that your partner is part of everything from the start. Even if you are co-parenting, notify them well in advance so that they have enough time to bring in their input. Remember that they have the right to be notified of activities that will involve the kids because they are their parent as well. Chances are, even if they don’t travel along or have anything to say about it, they’ll be glad to know. 22% of fathers see their kids more than once a week when they live separately. Keeping open communication about trips can help to improve the time spent with both parents.

Give your kids the chance to create lots of happy memories by going on road trips with them. The earlier you start and more often you go, the easier it will be for them to adapt to road trip rules and enjoy them immensely.

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