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App Review: MARS POP Bubble Shooter

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When it comes to casual gaming, I’m still old-school enough that I prefer things on a console – but I do have some apps in rotation on the multitude of devices available here at Rock Father HQ. We’ve got Windows, iOS and Android at our disposal, but I tend to think that the games usually run smoother on iOS (despite my overall lack of fondness for Apple). Outfit7’s new MARS POP Bubble Shooter is a true cross-platformer – available for just about any device. Reviewed from my iPad Mini, Mars Pop is unique in that its a real-time bubble shooter in which players can take on a live opponent. Players are teamed randomly, or from Facebook friends, and the battle is on. Check out the gameplay video below…

“The game takes place in the year 2124 in NeoMars, a modern, visionary city on Mars where lead characters Jet and Eve live. On Mars, every martian has their own NeoBot: an inseparable advisor, friend and protector; capable of nearly everything and linked to their own DNA. Players can choose between the adventurous Jet or fearless Eve characters and, together with their NeoBots, challenge their friends and opponents from all around the world in epic bubble shootouts.”


Playing against a host of international players (many from South America, actually) as I opt for the quick-connect mostly, the action is brisk, though I did get a “lost connection” error on a few occasions – and like other multiplayer games, if you’re doing too good for some players, they might bail on the round before the end – but you get the win.

A “freemium game” (free to download with in-app purchases available), running out of energy is a bit of a hiccup for me – but one that replenishes with time. Especially having little ones in the house, I have all in-app purchases turned-off, and have never bought an add-on myself – on any device. Playing with FB friends is also cool, like if I want to challenge by buddy BenSpark


Overall, the game is simple and addictive – striking me with the same hook that classics like Tetris have. It’s fun to jump on for a few with no major commitment – but you just want to keep going and going and going.

Available at http://mars-pop.com/

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