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ASTROGRASS, NYC’s ”premiere bluegrass band for all ages” has announced an October 16, 2012 release date for their latest album, THE COLORED PENCIL FACTORY.  Notes Astrograss’s Jordan Shapiro, “I believe that bluegrass music, and all American folk music, is essential listening for kids, and I also believe that the purity of the music is important. We made The Colored Pencil Factory without the use of any amplifiers, drums, pedals, or ‘effects.’ We recorded the album in our fiddle player’s living room and played the songs just the way we’d play them at a park or in a kitchen. It’s pure, organic, natural Americana.” Pretty cool, right? Check out the tracklisting and cover art below.

astrograssTRACK LIST:

Make It Up

Sawing on the Strings
The Colored Pencil Factory
Shortenin’ Bread
Freak Out
Cluck Old Hen
Happy, Sad and More Song
Hey Blue Dog
Brand New Nose
Sail Away Ladies
Minutes Into Flowers
Continental Geography
Grave Diagnosis
Music Makes Me Feel

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