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Baby’s First Foods: An Adventure in Flavor with Earth’s Best…


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I had no idea what to call this entry. It’s more of a scrapbook-y kind of thing – one of those milestones that every child hits, and one that our family certainly wanted to see pictures of. Baby Finley has moved into the world of jarred food. As with Addie before her, we’ve been taking our time and not rushing into things. Finn will be 8 months old (man, time is flying) this month, and while we started her on Rice Cereal back in December, late January brought with it the first food in the classic glass jars. We’re feeding her EARTH’S BEST ORGANIC, which is also what we fed her sister just a few short years ago. So what’s the menu been like?

There’s a lot of talk about “starting veggies first” or “starting fruits first,” and basically neither route is right or wrong – it doesn’t matter. Anyone that tells you otherwise is just plain wrong. Finn’s first food? PEAS!
finn peas0
My Dad has already weighed in with a “YUCK” regarding peas as a first food, but I’m trying to start my kids off right. Grandpa might not be a fan, but as a grownup that didn’t exactly become a huge veggie fan as a kid (wonder why?), I’m trying to get my daughters going in a more diverse realm. Not to say that isn’t hard, though. Addie will be four this year and she’s a picky eater.  So how did Finn do? Pretty good…
finn peas
Once the first bite was down the hatch, she seemed to enjoy the peas. We started these in moderation, spreading that first jar between a few servings. Next up, CARROTS!
finn carrots
Followed by PUMPKIN APPLE…
finn pumpkinapple
and just plain APPLE…
finn apples
Two weeks into our “adventure in flavor,” and Finely’s doing great. No rejection of any food, and she’s now taking a full jar at a time. In fact, the girls and I hit Babies “R” Us today to stock up on some new varieties for Finn to try, along with some SESAME STREET snacks for Addie.

The adventure in parenting continues…

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