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Not long ago, I walked into Walmart and found my attention immediately grabbed by a colorful display that reached out to me and said, “Come here, Dear Consumer! Come, Rock Father! Explore my explosion of color!” Now, it didn’t actually have a voice, but I’m anthropomorphizing it anyway, if only because it got me into trouble when I came home. This display, prominently-featured at the front of the Back-to-School department, was touting a new line of “Colors for Every Occasion” by CRAYOLA, and damn if I didn’t let the “Collect Them All! (While Supplies Last)” tagline grab the crayon-loving kid in me. But it’s for my children.

Crayola Display10 new collections of colors, each themed around a certain hue or shade. I thought about it… took a couple of steps back… went to scan a package (no price on the display) and learned that these were only .78 a package. So, for $7.80 I bought one of each for Addie.

And then I picked up a DISNEY JUNIOR coloring book that featured both SOFIA THE FIRST and DOC McSTUFFINS… I was bound to be a hero at home! Or maybe not… but here’s the run-down on the 10 packs:

  • True Blue – Blue moods for faithful friendships.
  • Pretty Pink – Perfect pinks for bountiful beauty.
  • Hello Sunshine – Warm yellows for getting mellow.
  • Savvy Sand – Smart shades for worldly wisdom.
  • Keen Green – Emerald hues for funky foliage.
  • Playful Purple – Violet tints for hipster tricks.
  • Nifty Neon – Vigorous hues for good vibrations.
  • Peppy Pastel – Wispy tints for zippy trips.
  • Shady Gray – Serious shades for sharing secrets.
  • Red Hot – Firey tones for radical revels.

WP 20130709 002By the time I got home, I opened the bags and showed my wife. “You are compulsive,” she tells me. “You can’t walk into a store without buying something for the girls.” Guilty as charged. So Addie got to keep the crayons, but the coloring book was stashed for her birthday (this week).

Rock Father ApprovedWhat can I say? I use coloring books, too, and I’m big into having a variety of colors on my palette. With Back-to-School officially upon us, these limited-edition colors are Rock Father-Approved!

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