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BAKUGAN is Back: Will You Answer the Call to Brawl?


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“Imagine if you can, that you are a proud and powerful Gargonoid…”

The 10th anniversary of the original BAKUGAN series is approaching, and now there’s news that it’s primed for a relaunch. Spin Master, TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd., and Nelvana Ltd., have announced a coordinated project to bring BAKUGAN Battle Planet to the masses. Originally launched in 2008, BAKUGAN was an immediate hit and named “Toy of the Year” and “License Property of the Year” in 2009. Now, a new animated series and all the toys fans could want are on the way…

BAKUGAN Battle Planet follows the adventures of Dan and his best friends, the first kids on Earth to bond with the mysterious alien creatures known as the Bakugan.  With storylines themed around friendship, battling and competition combined with a new integrated toy line, BAKUGAN Battle Planet will be complemented by additional short form content available online. The new series will air on Cartoon Network in the US, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand, and Teletoon in Canada.

“BAKUGAN is a global legacy brand that aided in the evolution of Spin Master’s approach to entertainment and franchise development,” said Ronnen Harary, Co-Founder, Chairman and Co-CEO. “We are excited to be working with our global partners to relaunch BAKUGAN, bringing innovation, excitement and battling fun to children all over the world.”

According to Spin Master, the BAKUGAN Battle Planet toy line “will retain the essence of what made the original toys so popular, with exciting new features that bring revolutionary card and app play. Innovative, all-new marble-like balls with ingenious technology instantly transform into multiple collectible characters when rolled over a magnetic card. The game will bring different levels of play, from beginner to advanced, and allow players to compete against multiple opponents. This will offer enhanced collectability due to its wide range of strategy options.”

Look for the series debut this December, followed by toys in 2019. 


That quote about the Gargonoid at the top? That comes from actor Lance Reddick from the infamous Funny Or Die “Toys ‘R’ Me” sketch from 2012. In the video, a militant toy store manager questions an employee about the virtue of his BAKUGAN display. Is it worthy, or is it a pitiful insult to his race? Find out below, but don’t show this one to the kids, okay?

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