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In the midst of the always-unfolding saga of Toys “R” Us here in the U.S., this little bit of awesome flew under my radar until this morning. In a beautiful, 12-minute video that was published just as news was coming in that Geoffrey, LLC was cancelling the IP auction for Toys “R” Us and plotting some sort of return, Sculpture_Geek (Chris Vierra) pays tribute to Charles Lazarus’ iconic mascot, Geoffrey Giraffe by sculpting him in Chavant, oil-based clay. After 70 years, was the story really over, or was it just beginning? Check out Chris’ impressive work in the video below!

Want to see more of Chris’ work? Sculpture_Geek “was created to celebrate traditional style, clay sculpture (or any type of sculpting done by hand) in hopes of creating a community driven by the love of that process, as well as a love of video games and pop culture.” See more here.

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