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Big Mac Revival: The Old-School ‘Chant’ is Back, But Only in Oz


Big Mac enthusiasts, rejoice! “The Original Mouthful” is back in action!

McDonald’s Australia, alongside DDB Sydney and OMD, is taking a flavorful trip down memory lane by resurrecting the iconic Big Mac chant in a nostalgic homage to the beloved burger’s enduring legacy.

McDonald’s loyalists from bygone eras will fondly recall the rhythmic chant: “Two all-beef patties, Special Sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.” This cherished tradition is resurrected in a heartfelt film by DDB Sydney, encapsulating the burger’s journey through the decades and its place in Aussie culture.

Directed by Revolver’s Leilani Croucher, the TV campaign delves deep into the Big Mac’s illustrious 56-year history, tracing its evolution from Jim Delligatti’s original creation in 1968 to its enduring popularity today.

Check out the commercial below!


Matt Chandler, DDB Sydney Executive Creative Director, emphasized the meticulous attention to detail in recreating each era, ensuring an authentic and infectious sense of fun permeates every frame.

“Bringing the Big Mac to a new generation was an awesome task. It’s an icon and part of Australian culture — it’s The Original Mouthful,” Chandler says. “The launch film was shot and crafted with excruciating attention to detail, ensuring every decade was brought to life as though it had been found on a shelf in an archive. From the wardrobe and propping to the speech patterns and performances of our talent, everything was lovingly recreated to give that innocent and infectious feeling of fun you get trying to nail the chant.”

If you’re in Oz, get ready — The Original Mouthful is set to be everywhere this season.

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