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CHIMAIRA looking for cash for CROWN OF PHANTOMS Fan-Edition CD/DVD…

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I feel like I need to crowdfund something. Maybe it’s just this week, but it seems like every other email I open has something to do with a band or brand using Kickstarter or IndieGoGo to raise some cash. The evolved new version of CHIMAIRA will be releasing their new album CROWN OF PHANTOMS this summer, and right now the band is looking for $30K (via IndieGoGo) for a “Fan Edition” CD/DVD Combo with a ton of multimedia content. The perks are good (you’re not just throwing cash at the project, but getting something in return) and I’m confident that this goal will be acheived. Hell, they already have about a third of it in with 45 days to go. Check out frontman Mark Hunter in a pitch video below, along with details on what exactly this “Fan Edition” will include…


Contributions will go toward the creation of:

*2 narrative music videos that tie into the album’s deepest themes

*A uniquely stylized documentary surrounding the album’s creation

*7 additional audio tracks exclusive to the Fan Edition

*Various behind-the-scenes videos

*Expanded version of Dr. Z w/ fan determined ending

*Full-length album commentary that features dialogue from all band members as they listen to the album from start to finish 

*Graphic art storyboards created specifically for the music videos that will be included exclusively in Fan Edition booklet

*Original artwork & packaging exclusive to the Fan Edition

Ya know… on a self-promotional note… I know a thing or two about music videos featuring guys strapped into chairs with tape over their mouths while tools of potential pain lurk on a table nearby (as if it hasn’t been done a million times before) that are narrative pieces… shot in Ohio: Yep, PRODUCT OF HATE in THE UNHOLY MANIPULATOR starring Ashley Laurence of HELLRAISER.

But back to Mark Hunter and the CHIMAIRA gang, CROWN OF PHANTOMS will be release on July 30th via eOne. Click here to back the cause.

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