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I’m 36 years old… and for 27 (or so) of those 36 years, I have been able to Experience the Challenge of Endless Adventure. I’m speaking of a quest that’s been permanently held within a gold plastic case… always waiting to be experienced again. It’s THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. Now, filmmaker Joe Granato is exploring the legacy and transmedia influence of the 8-bit NINTENDO classic in IT’S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE… THE MOVIE. This documentary is already in-production, but there’s a Kickstarter* going right now that… I hesitate to say this, but probably won’t be fully-funded as it’s sitting with just $12K of it’s $50K budget with less than three days to go. Check out the pitch, and some preview footage below…



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As The Rock Father, many of you know that I often introduce my children to the things that have inspired me, and ZELDA is definitely on that list. In fact, this photo was taken just a few moments ago…

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If you’re interested in helping Joe finish his film, check out the Kickstarter or keep your eyes on for details on the film and it’s accompanying 8-bit game.

*A Note on Kickstarter Projects that are featured on The Rock Father: I get pitched a lot of projects (seriously, A LOT) and only have the time to feature a select few here on the site. I need to really, really, really like the project to devote time to post it. Please be aware, that at the end of the day, pitching me a Kickstarter/IndieGoGo or any other “crowd-funding” effort is really just asking me to help someone I don’t know ask for money. So please don’t be rude, don’t hound me, and don’t badger me. There is no reason to send a follow-up email. If I like the project and have time, I may post about it.

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