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Cool Kickstarter: The LiddUp Cooler (as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank)


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I must be getting soft this week. Three Kickstarters in seven days, and I usually don’t post Kickstarter projects at all (largely because once I do a post, ten more people come at me with their hands out for coverage, and most of them suck), but there have been some good things popping up lately. One example is LiddUp, a cooler with built-in LED lighting… like a refrigerator. Seems like a simple, no-brainer of an idea… but it goes deeper. Featured this past week on ABC’s SHARK TANK (where the creators did score a deal), a Kickstarter is up*, and there’s no better overview of the product than the video by Jayson Sandberg and Taylor Gwiazdon.


What do YOU think? Would you get behind LiddUp? I can see it coming in handy… both as a parent, and a supporter of the rock n roll lifestyle. The backyard… concerts… camping… holidays… Learn more on their Kickstarter page.

*A Note on Kickstarter Projects that are featured on The Rock Father: I get pitched a lot of projects (seriously, A LOT) and only have the time to feature a select few here on the site. I need to really, really, really like the project to devote time to post it. Please be aware, that at the end of the day, pitching me a Kickstarter/IndieGoGo or any other “crowd-funding” effort is really just asking me to help someone I don’t know ask for money. So please don’t be rude, don’t hound me, and don’t badger me. There is no reason to send a follow-up email. If I like the project and have time, I may post about it.

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