Your outdoor living space is one of the best places to enjoy fresh air. Not only is it a great place for enjoying the fresh breeze, but it’s also the perfect spot for spending some quality time with friends and family. It’s no surprise that 87% of homebuyers want an outdoor patio area!

You want to feel at home indoors or outdoors. It doesn’t matter whether your home has a tiny patio or a big backyard; you can do many things to create the perfect outdoor living space for your family. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. What Purpose Does It Serve?

One of the most important questions to address before diving into a project is its purpose. Why are you creating this space? Is it so you could host BBQs or dinner parties, or are you simply longing for a place to unwind? Maybe you’re looking for a child or pet-friendly deck. Think about what you want to do and then set it up accordingly.

2. Select Stylish, Functional, and Comfortable Furniture

If you spend much time outside, absorbed in a book or taking a cold drink, perhaps a sectional loveseat or a cozy chair would suit you best. You may be thinking of dining or entertaining people; consider a bar or dining table set. There are plenty of options for furniture, chairs, stools, benches, daybeds, outdoor sofas, etc. You want to create an inviting space with plenty of seating options or places for your guests and yourself.

3. Make It Green

You’re already outside, so why not brighten it with greenery? Plants give your outdoor living area some natural color. You can also use containers to add vibrant splashes of color. Pick out pots in various unique yet complementing shades and designs.

Don’t limit yourself to garden beds and potted plants; think outside the box. Blooming vines can be woven across a trellis, and little pot plants in brackets can liven up a wall.

4. Get Shade

You can’t enjoy yourself outside when you feel like you’re being cooked by the sun. Having shade as part of your outdoor living space is something you should consider so you can still use the area even when the temperatures begin to rise. Awnings can filter 98% of the sun’s damaging UV rays and can minimize sunlight and glare by up to 94%.

While you’ll want to stay cool in the summer months, consider heating options for the cold months if you want to use your outdoor living space all year round. Mushroom or pyramid-design patio heaters, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and fire bowls are popular outdoor heating alternatives.

5. Choose a Style or Theme

Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your design preferences! Many outdoor furnishings options include outdoor fountains, carpets, and other accessories. You’ll undoubtedly find things that go well with the interior design styles you adore.

Treat your outdoor space the way you would your indoors. Do you still see yourself outside even when the sun goes down? Include lighting, blankets, table space, and something to keep bugs away.

6. Add Color

The color palette is crucial to giving your outdoor living space a unified, well-designed look. Take time to ensure everything will blend and flow smoothly, from the color of the cushions on your outdoor furniture to the tint of your timber decking. Let the tone you wish to create for your outdoor space be reflected in your chosen color scheme. Don’t just mix and match pieces at random.

7. Hire a Professional Team

Just as you would put in a lot of work to create a comfortable, functional home that meets your family’s needs. An outdoor space requires much effort to be perfect for dining and relaxation. If you’re building a home from scratch or undertaking a renovation, consider contracting a design-build firm, which usually has a single team of professionals who handle all aspects of a home project from top to bottom.

Utilize these tips to create the perfect outdoor living area for your family this summer!

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