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I don’t get to do to many shows these days, and with a new baby set for release next month, the few will become even fewer. Luckily, there’s a place close to Rock Father HQ to catch the occasional concert, and that’s Austin’s Fuel Room in Libertyville, IL. Last night was a special event for me, because one of my Top Four Favorite bands of all-time was on the bill – CLUTCH. Technically, the band was co-headlining with HELLYEAH, but for me it was all about the Pro-Rock crew from Maryland.

Having to do the old “changing of the guard” at home after my wife rolled in from work around 6:30, I missed much of opener MonstrO (who hit the stage at 7:15). Since I didn’t get to snag any pictures, check out this archive review of their excellent Self-Titled 2011 album, just republished here on The Rock Father.

Next up was KYNG, whom I’ve been hearing a lot over on Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal… 


I’ve written a lot about CLUTCH over the years – news, reviews, an interview with Tim Sult – but seeing them this close to home had just never happened. In fact, they usually play some bigger venues, so this was a treat. Better yet, since the band isn’t really supporting an album right now, their set was a career-spanning affair peppered with a trio of brand-new CLUTCH jams. And I do mean, jams. From a crowd standpoint, I’d expected to see more folks out for HELLYEAH, but this was a CLUTCH crowd. The beards were mighty, and I missed my formerly-luxurious full-beard. And the rock? The rock was mighty as well…


Want a CLUTCH Flashback? Check out this 2010 review of their LIVE AT THE 9:30 DVD.

While my ticket was free, I still threw down $45 for a new flexfit hat and a classic logo t-shirt. I used to have one just like it (though it was a longsleeve with flames) and I literally wore it out. 


After meeting up with some friends old and new, it was time for HELLYEAH – who took the stage about an hour late, which meant I was able to catch a couple of songs before hitting the door. Since I do most of my real work late at night, I had to jump back into a video project that you’ll all be able to view very soon.

A few shots of HELLYEAH from the balcony…

The next night out?  Stay tuned…

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