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The Rock Father™ has partnered with EZVIZ and Life of Dad for this feature.

There’s that old saying about “getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar.” Well, in 2017, I don’t actually know too many people that actually have a cookie jar that holds cookies (there are some cool display pieces out there), but there are certain ways to interpret that, both literal and figuratively. Let’s just go with the fridge, for example. My wife and I have reached a point with The Rock Daughters™ where they collaborate on shady endeavors – the kind of mischief that is apparently normal for kids rapidly approaching the ages of five and eight. One such habit is swiping food, and it tends to be yogurt (not cookies) that’s the object of desire. They sneak into the kitchen like little grifters – an “Ocean’s Two” of sorts, checking to see if the coast is clear before cracking the fridge. Thing is, if daddy spies on them, it becomes a little more difficult.

I’m a big fan of home surveillance (paranoia – I’ve lived in some sketchy areas in the past), but I’m also totally cool with keeping an eye on the kids. Is it “spying?” That’s what they call it, and that’s because it is. The EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus Wi-Fi Camera helps me with that, allowing for a 1080p view of whatever room I choose, all beamed via Wi-Fi to an app that resides on my phone. Smart Motion Tracking gives me an alert when strange things are afoot, following the action and switching to night vision if it’s dark. Kids go back in that fridge again after they were told not to? I’ve got this…

“A voice from beyond…” Two-Way Talk means I can give some firm words from elsewhere in the house, prompting a hearty smirk from the girls who know they’ve been caught, yet think it’s just hilarious.

And for some manual controls, with the Pan/Tilt and Digital Zoom, I can use my phone as a virtual control room, getting a crisp and detailed look at any area of my choosing.

Smart Home-ready, there’s also a privacy shield (for when you don’t want the virtual eye watching), and videos can be saved to the Cloud, or onto a 128GB microSD card.

While I’m using my Mini 360 Plus to keep my kids in-check, parents of babies can use this as a baby monitor as well! Multi-purpose, and in a small package (3.5”) that looks suspiciously like a Thermal Detonator, there’s a lot to love with this one.

Ready to add some smart home video technology to your house? Check out the options at the EZVIZ website.

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