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Fancy Sneaking a Stream? Netflix Says You Do…

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Netflix Stream TeamThe Rock Father™ is a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam

Do you sneak time to stream your favorite movies and shows? According to new data from Netflix, you probably do. Sneaking a stream is nothing new – from husbands and wives catching up or jumping ahead on their favorite series’ sans their significant others (I’ve done it), to jumping on while sitting on the throne (some of you may even be reading this while in the potty*), a sneak is part of daily life as a parent. In fact, while I like to stress the importance of “parents” vs. any kind of “mom” or “dad” thing, this month’s Netflix revelation comes from the moms, and the #MomSneak is real. And yes, while I may be “The Rock Father,” I don’t think it’s a secret that most of my friends and readers are women… so what say you about this? Seems like sneaking is the new binge, and the #1 sneak may surprise you…

Netflix Mom Sneak Neighborhood Graphic

AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD is the #1 show that moms like to sneak on Netflix! I figured it might be in the top 10, but seeing it take the top spot was a surprise to me. Personally, my sneaks right now are GLOW and BUDDY THUNDERSTRUCK. What do you sneak?


 *If 40% of women surveyed say that they’ve snuck a stream while on “the potty,” there’s a real solid chance that you read this site while doing the same. 

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