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THE ROCK FATHER is sharing #TheIndisposables in his life as part of a Schick® Xtreme3® sponsored series for Socialstars. Horns up! \m/ \m/

A few weeks into Spring and there’s much to be considered. I’ve been thinking about baseball a lot (and writing about it on occasion), especially since we’ve been playing in the yard quite a bit (lots of “balls over the fence” to be retrieved). We’ve also begun some gardening activities – plotting the plan for the months ahead, while getting the post-winter clean-up all taken care of. There’s also some “rocking” to take place, and with that comes a list of five important items when it comes to spring at Rock Father HQ. You could call them “The Indisposable” items of spring…

Baseball Gear for The Rock Daughters and Family: Last year, I ended up coaching my oldest daughter’s Pee Wee Baseball team. While we’re not going the “organized” route this spring, both of my girls love to play a little ball here in the yard, and that means having plenty of gear on-deck. From regulation tee-balls and bats, to stuff that seems to be more “toy” than legit, we’ve got the supplies on-hand for our own games. It’s not uncommon for the whole family – my wife, myself and the girls – to have something going on.


Custom Ballcap: I’m big on the ballcaps, and I tend to wear them pretty hard. My favorites are the fitted MLB Authentics from New Era, and since I’m a bit of an oddball here in Chicagoland in that I love both the South Side Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs of the North Side, I have caps for both – and I get ’em embroidered with my last name on them. Now, if only I could figure out a way to spare them their doom, which usually comes courtesy of dirt and sweat – both of which come in high levels from playing with the girls outside.

Schick® Xtreme3® Ultimate Razors: I remember when I was a kid growing up, facial hair in baseball – or lack thereof – was always a big deal. I distinctly recall conversations with “grownups” speaking out about how players should be “clean cut,” and then you always had some “rebel” with some crazy mustache or something. I have a long and mighty goatee, and in 2015 I think that would be totally acceptable if I were a Major Leaguer. Times have changed, and cool facial hair doesn’t seem to be taboo, but here at home, I like to maintain a specific look when time allows (I can still get pretty scruffy), and the Schick® Xtreme3® Ultimate Razor is my latest tool for the job –  featuring 3 blades that flex and pivot while shaving, optimizing contact with my skin to give me a close shave while guarding against razor burn.


Official “The Rock Father” Guitar Picks by IntuneGP: I’m always down to crank out some jams, and with better weather comes the possibility of taking the acoustic outside to share a few notes on the deck. I actually do a lot of playing for an audience of one here at HQ, and it’s usually Little Miss Finley while Big Sister Addie is at school in the morning. My picks are custom, produced by IntuneGP – the same company we use for all the individual members or Product of Hate – whom many of you already know that I co-manage (debut album out this summer!). Want one of my personal picks? You’ll have to find me.

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Fresh Gardening Supplies: Gardening is one of our favorite activities here, and as soon as the weather breaks, the girls and I are taking advantage of it. From fresh mulch and dirt, to seeds, tools and other goodies, it’s always exciting to get started, and for 2015 I’ve already been stocking up. In fact, the whole family spent some time in the yard this weekend, and my little ones were pretty excited to catch a glimpse of the first flower blooms of the season…

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A photo posted by James Zahn (@therockfather) on


 Those are #TheIndisposables for Spring 2015 at Rock Father HQ. Stay tuned for more #Indisposables as the year rolls on…

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