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It was 35 years ago today, May 21, 1980, that STAR WARS EPISODE V: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK hit theaters. Like many fans of the STAR WARS Saga, I hold EMPIRE (or, TESB) in high regard as my favorite – possibly because it’s the first STAR WARS movie that I can remember seeing in the theater. That film also spawned some of my favorite toys not just from STAR WARS – but favorites, period – particularly those relating to Hoth and Bespin. From the latter, it was there that audiences first got a big-screen look at Bounty Hunter BOBA FETT, who had already made an appearance in the infamous STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL, and a parade of some sort. He, along with his ship, the SLAVE I, became instant favorites for kids like me, and over the years I’ve owned five incarnations of his famous ship. 

The first was the 1981 Kenner Slave I, which, along with my 1979 Boba Fett action figure, were eventually sold (shakes fist). The second was a late 90s Kenner SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE re-issue of the original ship, and currently we own three: The MASSIVE Hasbro STAR WARS version from “The Vintage Collection”; a small, scaled-down version from STAR WARS REBELS; and a 1:64-scale diecast version from Hot Wheels.

Pictured up-top along with today’s entry into Hasbro’s Force Friday Countdown Calendar is an original, 1979 Vintage STAR WARS Boba Fett in front of The Vintage Collection SLAVE I. As some of you might recall, Vintage Boba Fett has traveled with me in the past, and even spawned a fantastic tweet exchange with the folks from American Airlines during a flight to California last year…

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And then, of course, there’s our oldest daughter, Addie, who thinks that Boba Fett is just fantastic. Like Father, like daughter?


Keep your browser pointed toward THE ROCK FATHER as we continue the #ForceFridayCountdown en route to #ForceFriday, the day that new Hasbro toys for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS arrive at retail! 106 Days to Go!

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