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THE ROCK FATHER is sharing #TheIndisposables in his life as part of a Schick® Xtreme3® sponsored series for Socialstars. Horns up! \m/ \m/

The Indisposables are back, folks. And this time? That’s right, we’re taking you on a trip to an exotic place called Comfortopia – a land where you could win big – scoring all 10 of the Indisposable Comforts from an HDTV and XBOX to the simple things, like proper undies and a great pair of pants. In fact, there’s over $5,000 in “Indisposable” prizes, and some of that glory could be yours.

#TheIndisposablesTo enter: Visit and choose your three favorites from ten choices. On June 8th, winners will be chosen from those who have followed the official rules.

So what did THE ROCK FATHER choose as three Indisposables? While they all have their merits (and it should really go without saying that these are in addition to the indisposable comfort of the Schick® Xtreme3® Ultimate Razors that I use to keep my face looking so stylish on a daily basis)


Yes, headphones – and I have a bunch of ’em, each geared toward a different use. Once in awhile, I’ll even let the girls play with them, but I don’t actually let them use them for music. I’m a bad example when it comes to things being “too loud” or using “ear protection” – and I’ve been in some of the loudest environments possible. Let’s hope my ears hold up.



If you read this site regularly, are you at all surprised? I have a bunch of cool mugs, too – but I’m running out of space. Hmm… “space” for Space-themed mugs, actually. My iCoffee gets a good look at some interesting things…



They need to fit just right… have to have the right feel… just like my razors, ya dig? Superhero Red is a thing here as well. The cape is totally optional.


Why are you still here? Go visit Comfortopia!

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