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Garden: First Spring Blooms with Addie’s Amaryllis

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The first Gardening success of 2014! While Spring is off to the slowest start that I can recall, and there’s been a few signs of life beginning to sprout outside, our gardening adventures for the year got started back on February 8, with the arrival of an Amaryllis kit from our friends at Longfield Gardens. Now, if you’re a newer reader of THE ROCK FATHER, one that’s used to stopping by for your daily dose of pop culture, you might not know it, but Gardening is a HUGE part of our daily routine here at Rock Father HQ – generally from March to November, or whatever the weather here in Northern Illinois will allow. With something like an Amaryllis, starting a bulb inside is a great way to get kids involved with Gardening, by placing something that they can track the progress of every day.

Planting was a breeze, as our kit from Longfield Gardens included everything. The bulb, the dirt, the planter – it’s all here. With a little bit of guidance, Addie had it potted and ready to go in no time. And she had to give the bulb a couple of friends in the form of Lambie and Chilly from DOC McSTUFFINS. She said she didn’t want it “to get lonely while it’s growing.”

Planting the bulb...

First growth...We didn’t have to wait very long to see some results, as by February 17th, our bulb had sprouted. Keeping the soil moist – but not wet – and with the planter located near a window with a lot of morning-afternoon sun, the Amaryllis really took off.

By March 10, it was in full-bloom, and both Addie and Finn couldn’t wait to check it out…

Full Bloom

While it’s getting a little late for starting Amaryllis bulbs already (you can start right at New Year’s), they’re a fantastic project to do with kids, and just because the Amaryllis are wrapping-up, that doesn’t mean that similar adventures can’t be had. Actually, they’re endless, and right now we’ve got a Begonia Tuber started in our kitchen, and I’ll be sharing that with you later this week.

Stay tuned, and Happy Spring!

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