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There’s certain things that tend to appeal to children almost by default – things like dinosaurs, wide-eyed cartoon characters, sandboxes and large vehicles. For the latter, monster trucks are a big thing with cross-generational appeal. Once a side-show act at local motorsports events, monster trucks are now an arena-filling main event spectacle that is truly a global phenomenon – reaching families far beyond their roots in the garages and dirt tracks of the American Midwest. Kids have long held the desire to bring that excitement home, and for years the team at Mattel has been crafting diecast replicas that have become sought-after by kids and collectors alike. But just as the real-life monster trucks have evolved over the years, so have those in the toy world, and now comes the time to fire up the engines and raise the garage door on the next big thing from the crew in El Segundo… Hot Wheels Monster Trucks!

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An all-new collection, Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are designed to be “the baddest trucks ever built for competition and ultimate dominance.” Taking into account one of the most-requested features from kids (“bigger tires!”), these jacked-up rides feature GIANT wheels that complement their big personalities.

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks - The Rock Daughters

Watching our own children play, I’ve been reminded of what it was like to play with Hot Wheels as a kid – something that goes well beyond simply racing, crashing and crushing. Kids tell stories with their vehicles, often anthropomorphizing each one with a unique voice and personality. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks give kids fuel for imagination by providing a little background on each truck, with stats including the truck name, truck type, strength and a unique “crash attack” and “motor-vation” included on the back of each package.

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Hot Wheels Monster Trucks

Longtime collectors will recognize some familiar vehicle castings in the mix, including the Dairy Delivery and the mighty Bone Shaker getting in on the GIANT-wheeled action. The iconic Bone Shaker is a vehicle with particular appeal here at our house – one that The Rock Daughters™ have loved in many forms over the years. From its roots as a Larry Wood-designed traditional hot rod in 2006, Bone Shaker has appeared in many color schemes and variations, including here as a 1:64-scale Hot Wheels Monster Truck, along with a 1:43-scale Rev Tredz vehicle and as the inspiration for the massive Monster Mover truck carrier!

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks - Bone Shaker

Fun Fact: While not in Monster Truck form (yet), Bone Shaker was actually built as a real-life car, and at the recent Chicago stop on the Hot Wheels Legends Tour (where I was a guest judge), our girls got to see the ride in-person, currently decked-out in a Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary paint scheme.

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Hot Wheels Monster Trucks

Available now at Walmart, Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are ushering in a new era of excitement that kids and collectors alike are going to want to get their hands on. From 1:64-scale basic trucks and Demolition Doubles two-packs to massive 1:24-scale rides, there’s something for everyone. Packed with play value like real suspensions and cushioned tires on select vehicles to launch-and-go action and built-in ramps on the Monster Mover (which stores 12 1:64-scale trucks!) and rev-and-go action on the Rev Tredz, Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are GIANT fun at home or on-the-go!

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks

Styles and availability may vary. See the full collection at or your local Walmart store!

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