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Giveaways & Contests – Basic Rules and Fairness for All…

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Created on November 2, 2013 | Updated April 7, 2015:

I will preface this by stating that this page was originally posted based on a massive influx of bogus entries toward the Fall of 2013. It has since been expanded upon based on personal experiences, and discussion with both sponsors and entrants. Every point addressed here is done so based upon a real-life experience that has prompted it…

Contests and Giveaways are presented on THE ROCK FATHER on a regular basis. These are posted as, and meant to be, fun and engaging opportunities on behalf of my sponsors. There’s few things that I enjoy more than bringing some joy to a family or child by being able to provide some cool prizes from time-to-time. Happy families and happy kids is what THE ROCK FATHER is all about.

What I’m not about is providing opportunities for those who choose to abuse or make an attempt to game the system through fraudulent entry methods, multiple “dummy” accounts, or for those who do not follow simple rules. I am also not here to provide income-fueling items for the so-called “professional” sweepers (what that term entails seems to be open to interpretation by many) – but regular contesters or enthusiasts are certainly welcome (as long as they follow the rules)! While most of my promotions feature winners chosen at random (via Rafflecopter and Random.org), each winner will be vetted for authenticity and to see if they’ve followed the rules. THE ROCK FATHER reserves the right to cancel or void any and all entry methods, and will choose an alternate winner at his discretion, or at the direction of the sponsoring party, if any.

By participating in a contest or giveaway on THE ROCK FATHER, you are agreeing that you understand and will abide by the posted rules and regulations within the individual call for entries that you are responding to, in addition to the following:
  1. You should only enter promotions on THE ROCK FATHER using genuine, authentic user accounts that are not set-up for the sole purpose of entering contests and giveaways or “sweeping” (a lot of sponsors don’t like that, sorry).
  2. You may only enter promotions on THE ROCK FATHER using one user account per platform when it comes to social actions. You may not enter using multiple accounts from the same social service. In fact, if you have multiple accounts on certain platforms, you may be breaking their rules. Simple terms: Enter using one Facebook account, not twelve.
  3. Twitter “Egg” accounts will not be eligible for entering promotions on THE ROCK FATHER. Many sponsors do not feel that these are “real” accounts, so if they are, please at least post a proper user image and fill out the profile. Otherwise they look like potential spam, and may even (and will most likely) be flagged by automated systems as such. If you enter a promotion using an “Egg” account, that particular vote is ineligible. Furthermore, “Egg” accounts may be blocked.

Please be aware that Rafflecopter and other entry devices employed by THE ROCK FATHER do log IP addresses. Bottom line: If I see six different accounts with the same IP addy – you’re out.

After Promotion Etiquette: 
  1. You agree not to contact myself or the sponsor regarding when/if winners have been pulled. The phrase “on or about” (included in all promotions) truly means “on or about.” If a promotion ends at midnight, I don’t need an email at 3am asking if I’ve chosen the winners yet. I may choose immediately – it could be two weeks. Winners will be contacted via email.
  2. If you are a winner: Please note that each promotion specifically lists “please allow 8-12 weeks for shipping” of prizing. This truly means, “please allow 8-12 weeks.” If it has only been three weeks, please do not email me asking where your prize is. Generally, aside from the rare occasion where I am handling shipping directly, once I turn the winner’s info over to sponsors or their third-party PR reps, I never hear about the promotion ever again. This means that I do not have shipping ETAs or tracking numbers – and sometimes, there will not be tracking numbers.
  3. As noted on each promotion, in the very rare case that a prize does not arrive (which, sadly, has happened), you have no remedy other than moving on. Mistakes happen. Packages get lost, stolen or damaged. Everyone is trying to do good, but sometimes things happen. 
Have any issues with any of the above?
  • Don’t enter. Very simple solution. Don’t spoil the fun for everyone else. No complaints. 

The Internet (and the World in general) is not a very fair place. These checks and balances have been put into place to ensure that THE ROCK FATHER – my corner of the World – is as fair to all as possible. No promotion will every be 100% perfect, but I’d certainly like to try getting them as close to that as possible. Real Fun. Real Readers. Real Human Beings. No B.S.

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