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Hands-On: SICK BRICKS – Spin Master Toys’ New Cross-Genre Toy and Game!


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After making their debut in Canada last month, Spin Master Toys’ SICK BRICKS have officially launched in the United States, putting a new and unique spin on the toy/game crossovers we’ve been seeing of late. Those familiar with SKYLANDERS and DISNEY INFINITY will know the basic gist – physical toys and figures somehow make the jump into the digital realm as playable characters in a video game. For Sick Bricks, it’s 3D Optical Beaming Technology that takes the real-world collectible figures and places them firmly into a wacky, digital world rooted solely in Mobile Gaming for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store). “Get Sucked Into the Game!” is the Sick Bricks mantra, and it’s completely valid. What’s interesting here is that these “figures” are actually mix-and-match pieces that are compatible with “major brands” of building bricks. That means that while there’s individual characters and playsets available from Spin Master, your Sick Bricks will have no problem infiltrating your LEGO, Mega Bloks or KRE-O worlds.

The Rock Daughters and I went hands-on in our latest ROCK FATHER: UNBOXED Episode:

A “freemium” App, the Sick Bricks game is available as a Free Download, though in-App purchases are available (parents, check those settings!). We’d been playing a test version for a few days prior to launch, and I dig it. It’s vibrant, intuitive, and in a lot of ways reminds me of some of the old NES games I grew-up on as a kid. 

GAME SYNOPSIS: Sick City is under attack and only you have the power to save it! The evil Overlord Omega and his goons are on a rampage destroying the City, bringing it to rubble. You must join forces with Jack Justice and the Sick Bricks to stop Overlord Omega! 


Collect and build different Sick Bricks characters in the real world, then beam them into the free Sick Bricks game on your smartphone or tablet (sold separately) to rebuild Sick City to its former glory! Watch your characters come to life after you beam them into the game, as you uncover their unique special powers, and abilities to save Sick City. 

In the game you will go on missions, battle the goons, explore secret hideouts and earn bricks to rebuild the city. Your journey will take you through an outrageous place full of mutants, monsters, aliens, and all types of wacky characters. Mix and match these real world Sick Bricks figures to create new more powerful combo characters to save Sick City!

Sick Bricks!

The figures themselves are a big hit here, which really isn’t a surprise since my girls have a thing for action figures, dolls and figurines (really, I have no idea where they get it). We received five of them in the not-quite-blind bags (a little clear window offers a peek inside), with Silent Shadow (Ninja), Rotten Walker (Zombie), Harry Fangface (Werewolf), Ace Orbit (Astronaut) and Tiberius Warpspeed (a not-so-subtle nod to STAR TREK’s James Tiberius Kirk) all reporting for duty here at Rock Father HQ. 

Scanned into the game, each has it’s own Superpower, and this is just the beginning, as there’s nine factions in the Sick Bricks world.


Rock Father-approved, and available now at Toys “R” Us, Amazon, Walmart, Target and more!

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