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Woodstock ’99 was something.

Five years after Woodstock ’94 celebrated the 25th anniversary of the original fest with “2 More Days of Peace & Music,” Woodstock ’99 moved the action to a new locale — Griffiss Air Force Base in upstate New York — for three days of music that became chaos.

Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage is a new documentary that looks at the legacy of the festival that ended up descending into a humanitarian crisis with too many people, too much heat, a lack of water and bathroom facilities, and eventually, the location of fires and violence.

The new doc debuts July 23 on HBO Max as part of the new Music Box series — a planned collection of six music documentaries from producer Bill Simmons.

Last year, Deadline reported that Netflix was also developing a documentary series focused on Woodstock ’99. No word now as to its status.

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