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Holiday Wish GuideA new entry into the world of larger-scale dolls, Global Girl is unique for a variety of reasons – starting with the 21″ size, but that’s just the surface. The dolls were inspired by children’s curiosity about different cultures around the world, and rather than make the doll look similar to the child, each doll has it’s own mold and traits indicative of the land from which it represents. Accompanying stories are meant to be “inspirational and empowering,” with hope that “the ongoing collection of dolls and books will pique girls’ interest and excitement about other cultures at a young age and help prepare them for the future.” That’s something I can get behind, and Global Girl secures a spot in my 2014 Holiday Wish Guide here on THE ROCK FATHER.

addie viv

Having previously written about Global Girl earlier this year, I was delighted when Three Daughters International sent us a Vivienne doll for review this Fall. Appropriately French-inspired (my holds an obsession for French culture, while I personally studied the language for three years), Vivienne comes dressed in a cute black-and-white striped outfit, accented by a red coat and hat very similar to one that my oldest daughter, Addie, has here at Rock Father HQ. 


What’s particularly fun is that Vivienne and her Global Girl friends have a proprietary body design consisting of synthetic foam, polyester fabric, interior framework and handcrafted vinyl face, breastplate, arms and legs. This unique design makes the doll poseable in hundreds of positions both seated and standing.

Global Girl Dolls are Rock Father-approved, and are available exclusively through their official website.

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