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Holiday Wish Guide: Crashlings (Meteor Mutants from Outer Space)


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Holiday 2014The folks at Wicked Cool Toys have served-up a couple of oddities this year (see: CAT PAW), and today comes a Holiday Wish Guide feature on a toy line that I didn’t even expect to like… much less see land a spot in the annual rundown of cool Holiday Gifts. CRASHLINGS (Meteor Mutants from Outer Space) are a collection of micro figures, vehicles and playsets that come with “poppable” meteors – the idea being that these little creatures from another world crashed into earth inside of said meteors. The poppable action sends these things flying, and in our experience has become dangerously-addictive – for the entire family. If you have father, mother and two daughters popping little meteors around the house… you get the picture.

While the concept didn’t grab me on virtual paper, the execution did. In a lot of ways, the Crashlings figures remind me of M.U.S.C.L.E. figures from the 80s – tiny, collectible, sorta-plasticy, sorta-rubbery little guys that are different, yet sometimes the same (repaints of the same body = new character). They can ride in their “Meteor Missile Ship” (sent here in a review kit), or go flying via the poppable meteors or with the available Catapult City Playset. What’s cool is that these are not only fun and collectible, but really reasonably-priced ahead of the holidays, making them a great gift item or stocking stuffer.


Available at Amazon and other retailers. Learn more at Crashlings.com

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