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Holiday Wish Guide: My Magical Mermaid by Zuru Toys


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Holiday Wish GuideIs it safe to say that girls love mermaids? I know it’s a generalization, but with my own two daughters and their friends, mermaids seem to be a can’t-miss mythical creature – and there certainly seems to be a trend of adding mermaids into the mix with plenty of popular shows and toy lines. In fact, mermaids have shown up on SOFIA THE FIRST (and not just The Little Mermaid, Ariel), Barbie has become one (on many occasions), and I’ve spotted half-fish versions of Lalaloopsy, Monster High, Dora the Explorer, Mooshka and more over the past year. The big question for me has become, “At what age do I show the girls SPLASH?” – the 1984 classic that for me, shaped how I’d forever view mermaids (sans that “Murmaider” song from METALOCALYPSE/DETHKLOK). Bottom line is, when it comes to kids and mermaids, they’re a pretty good combo, and thus I’m adding Zuru Toys’ MY MAGICAL MERMAID to my 2014 Holiday Wish Guide here on THE ROCK FATHER. There’s a good chance you’ve seen it on television or in-stores, but I’m gonna show you real video of it in-action here at Rock Father HQ.

The Rundown: My Magical Mermaid is available as single mermaids for roughly $10 (in assorted styles), or as the Water Wonder Playset ($25-ish) which includes a tank with LED lighting, and one My Magical Mermaid figure. The mermaid itself flutters her tail in the water, and comes with three different weights that can attach to her tail to assist on bobbing up and down in different water conditions in the tank. On thing my girls like to do is use their mermaid in the bathtub, in which case you take the weights off, and she swims on her back. The tank (sent as part of our review kit) also comes with a stick to “fish” her out of the water.


Notes to be aware of: This is a water toy that holds at least a gallon of water, so parental supervision is essential, and a towel should be handy. The Water Wonderland Playset does feel a bit fragile when filled with water, so again, an adult should be on-hand to move the tank, and it should be drained for storage. While we have not had an issue with it, some parents have reported cracking and thus, leaking of the tank – so be aware of this.

My Magical Mermaid is available at Amazon, Target, Walmart and other retailers.

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