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Hot Wheels’ SDCC Knight Rider Exclusive turbo boosts into Mattel Toy Store…


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Earlier this year, I highlighted The Mattel Toy Store of Wilmot, Wisconsin in a “Rock Father Adventure” blog here on the site. It’s been a few months since we’ve made the trip, but on Friday we went back – lured in by a phone call received here at HQ about a shipment of KNIGHT RIDER Hot Wheels they’d received. While I’m still on the hunt for their basic $1 Knight Industries 2000, what the folks at The Mattel Toy Store received was something a little more special: The Special Edition K.I.T.T. that was previously offered as a San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive this past July.

IMG 9564I’d seen these in photos and fetching inflated prices on eBay, but with the amount I saw first-hand this weekend, there should be no reason that anyone still desiring one of these should have to pay more than list price. They’re abundant, and they’re a gorgeous display piece.

In all honesty, I almost passed on getting one for myself simply because I just don’t buy a lot of things for me. With two daughters, I tend to devote resources to them, and spending $40 on a shelf-piece required some thought… and a nudge. As I’ve noted in the past, one of the best things about The Mattel Toy Store is their coupons and specials, and with a 50% Off Coupon available, I was able to pick up the SDCC “Exclusive” K.I.T.T. for $20. Yep, take that scalpers!

Packaged in a box-within-a-box, embossed with foil highlights, and displayed within a talking, light-up, acrylic display case, this 1:64 K.I.T.T. is impressive. What’s also impressive is the amount of detail present on such a small car. The photos don’t do it justice, but the dashboard is accurately detailed, and there’s even the famous California “KNIGHT” license plate!

Collectibles aside, I couldn’t take the little ones to The Mattel Toy Store without getting something for them, so we ended up with a Fisher-Price Splash Dome Sprinkler for $4.99 (was $12.99) and a Little Mommy Princess and the Potty Doll set ($19.49, was $22). The doll has not left Addie’s side in over 24 hours, and it’s the first time that I’ve ever seen a toy that features “poop” contained in a “flushable” potty. Check out the commercial below…


For more on The Mattel Toy Store including coupons, locations and hours, check out their Official Site or Facebook Page. For the Wilmot location, click here.

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