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Super Sunday: I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I sorted baby clothes.


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The Rock FatherTonight, while much of the Nation was shouting at the television and tossing back Budweisers while watching The Super Bowl (or “Big Game” since the NFL doesn’t really want people calling it the “Super Bowl” without paying for the right to do so), I was involved in a massive project here at Rock Father HQ. Upstairs, I found myself bouncing between the rooms of The Rock Daughters™ while sorting the outgrown clothes and swapping out sizes with stuff from the garage.

At only 7 months, Baby Finley is in the “91st percentile” when it comes to length, and that means she’s been tricky to dress. She’s already in 12-18 month clothing, so I already had to swap out much of the 9 month stuff for the bigger sizes that we had in the garage from Addie’s past. We just switched this stuff a few weeks ago, and as with every size change, I’m always sad to see clothes that were only worn a few times, or in some cases… not worn at all.

Addie on the other hand is now in 4T (5T in some cases) so it was time to pack away the 3T and under stuff to be stored for when Finley needs them. With two growing girls, we’re finally to the point where the really small baby stuff will start hitting the garage sale market this spring, while our future surplus for Addie has run dry. One certainty? They’ve both had A TON of clothing. There’s also just enough of a difference season-wise with the stuff we had in storage that Finley needed some clothes to wear now (we had summer stuff in her size). Thanks to Grandma Cindy and a fantastic online clearance sale at Carsons, we’re set for a bit!

Football BaseballPictured Left: A T-shirt Design from T-Shirt Hell that I’m always tempted to order.

As for The Super Bowl, I’m not a football fan. I used to be… grew up on it, had the trading cards, etc… but by my Junior year of High School, totally distanced myself from it. Wasn’t a fan of the whole scene… the business, many of the players, or the fact that my baseball coaches always tried pushing me toward pigskin (You’re a big guy!). I hope that neither of my daughters get into it… or cheer-leading. As a male, I can confidently confirm for you that the majority of male spectators at a sporting event are not admiring the cheering skill, team spirit, or dance moves being practiced by the cheer-leading squad. I’m happy to not fit the stereotype of men that are plopped in front of the TV every Sunday from October-February. Just not my bag. In my pre-children days, a viewing of the 1977 film BLACK SUNDAY (about a terrorist plot at the Super Bowl) was often in order as a rebuttal to the mainstream crowd.  In fact, last month a fellow “Dad Blogger” asked members of a blogging group I belong to for their predictions on the 2013 Super Bowl. While most of the flock chimed in with “Baltimore Ravens” or “San Francisco 49ers,” I jokingly added, “Robert Shaw, BLACK SUNDAY.” The humorless asshole didn’t include me when his post went live, nor acknowledge me when I pointed out the omission in our group. That’s right folks, Football and Dad Blogging are serious business to some.

On the flipside, I do enjoy the Super Bowl (Big Game) commercials, and I’ve caught a few of them via YouTube tonight. One that really drew my attention was that Best Buy spot featuring Amy Poehler. It certainly got it right in it’s depiction of a few blue-shirted sales associates roaming the salesfloor while a fleet of them hung out in the break room watching TV. If they really wanted some accuracy and “truth in advertising,” they would’ve shown Ms. Poehler trying to checkout while being pitched some magazine subscriptions, an extended warranty, a Reward Zone Membership, maybe some batteries, some Monster Cables, and a Power Strip.

How was your Sunday? Was it Super? Mine was… and we made some homemade Chili for the very first time. It came out fantastic and totally rockin’. 

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