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I’m Almost 37 and Going on 15… Or I Certainly Dress That Way…


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The Rock Father“You dress like you’re 15.”

The first time I recall hearing my wife say that, I’d just purchased a pair of Ken Block signature edition DC Shoes from PacSun (pictured below), and a long, green wallet chain from Hot Topic. That was probably about two years ago. I’ll be 37 in just a few weeks, and I still have the shoes, but the wallet chain is a memory. If my wife has a gripe with me, it’s definitely about the way I dress. She’d like me to class it up a bit, and there’s a few times I’ve tried.


T-shirt. Camo Shorts. Chain Wallet. Some kind of additional shirt/jersey/jacket. Skate shoes or similar footwear. That’s essentially the “uniform” that I wear as part of my day-to-day as “The Rock Father,” a comfortable ensemble that’s easy to assemble and fitting for my adventures with the girls.

But I never really agreed with the “15” comment until this past Friday. I was wearing this…

James Zahn - September 2013

FAITH NO MORE “Angel Dust” t-shirt. Camo Shorts. Chain Wallet. Disney CARS Land Radiator Springs Garage Jacket. Adidas Training Shoes (a slight variation from my Skate preference at my wife’s suggestion). 

I’d just rolled into the gas station to fill up the Equinox with some e85 when a weird sense of deja vu hit me. As I shut off the car and silenced the sound of METALLICA’s “Seek and Destroy” (playing on the limited-time METALLICA channel on SiriusXM), the sense of familiarity took over up until I placed the nozzle into the tank. As I looked down at myself, and whatever the combination of elements, I flashed back to being 15… gassing up my first car while driving on a learner’s permit in Iowa, but here I was in 2013 wearing a t-shirt for an album that came out in the summer of 1992… when I actually was 15.

So my wife is right. But is this an example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”

I don’t think my daughters mind, but they’re one and four.


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