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Instagram ‘Your Account Was Compromised’ Glitch Affecting Thousands of Users [UPDATED]


This article is more than 1 year old and may not have been updated since our last site redesign. It may contain outdated information or could be missing images.

Originally published: 6/16/2023; Updated: 6/20/2023

There is a new technological meltdown occurring across Meta’s Instagram platform.

Earlier this week, Instagram users began voicing frustration after being bounced from the photo-sharing app with messages regarding “suspicious activity.” The most common message emerges in a roadblock from the app with the following:

Your Account Has Been Compromised
“It looks like you shared your password with a service to help you get more likes or followers, which goes against our Community Guidelines. Change your password to continue using Instagram. If you share your new password with one of these services, you may get blocked from following, liking, or commenting.”

From there, users are asked to change their password but forced into an endless loop  in which their current password doesn’t work and the “forgot password” link lands right back on “Your Account Has Been Compromised.”


Attempts to correct the situation using the web-based Instagram client results in a similar loop and none of Instagram’s automated help desk support options work to correct it. Devoid of live support options, users continue to share frustration across other platforms.

Becoming Part of the Story:

On Tuesday night, I was representing The Toy Book (my main gig) at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. Immediately after hitting “publish” on a video of Ja Rule performing at the Licensing Expo opening night party, I saw the dreaded “Your Account Has Been Compromised” message despite never sharing my password and never using an automated service for engagement.

On Thursday, I reached out to Meta’s media relations department for comment on the glitch and any timeline to correct it but have not received a response.

Since then, I was able to contact a Meta support agent that claims to be a human being (you can’t be too sure thanks to AI and ChatGPT) via live chat through the Meta Business Suite. Nearly 24 hours later, I am still awaiting a response from the “priority ticket.” I’ve since discovered a workaround to post to Instagram via Meta Business Suite, but remain unable to log into the platform or to like or comment on posts.

EDIT: A representative from Meta reached out to me on Sunday, 6/18, and reset my account. I am back in, but the overall issue continues to spread.

In the meantime, an increasing amount of reports continue to surface across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn regarding the glitch. Several Reddit threads have also popped up (Examples: here, here, here, here, and here). The majority of reports are almost immediately met with responses from bots offering “recovery services.”

If you are affected by the “compromised account” error, never, ever share your personal information with a stranger on the internet.

This story will be updated as new information arrives.

BELOW: More users share frustration regarding Instagram lockouts:





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