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It’s no secret that kids are getting into gadgets and tech at a super young age these days, and while toymakers are rapidly moving to support smartphones and tablets in their products, I was a little surprised that there’s a move to bring the tech to the toilet. Being shown at CES this week is a product from CTA Digital (who does make some cool stuff) called the iPotty for iPad.

13561 10151252928543473 248256961 nAvailable soon for around $40, this thing appears to be a fairly standard potty training toilet, but with a splash guard-protected dock for an iPad.  

Now, I’m sure that most of you have spent some time on the throne while surfing, tweeting, or just farting around on your smartphone or tablet, but do toddlers really need to do the same? Maybe I’m just a 36-year-old grump, but I think the iPotty is a crap idea. An amusing novelty for sure, but as a serious product, I fail to see how this will enhance (or speed up) the potty training experience. 

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Personally, I think this looks like something from ThinkGeek’s annual April Fool’s Day product list.

So what do you think of the iPotty for iPad? Share your thoughts in the comment section below… 

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