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iwabonesI was pretty sure that I was approaching a boss in some long-lost SNES game upon pressing the play button to start virtual rotation of RUINING IT FOR EVERYBODY, the second full-length album from genre-bending audio hooligans IWRESTLEDABEARONCE. True to IWABO form, that vibe was destroyed a mere six seconds into Next Visible Delicious and the sonic spectrum was bent completely.

Indeed, true believers – IWABO is back, and if you hated ’em before, get ready… there’s a lot more to hate this time around.

iwabobmIn less than five minutes, IWABO manages to shape-shift from death metal into hardcore, surf-rock, techno, and manages to bring a full-blown choir into the mix. The electronic elements play into the IWABO sound with a lot more prevalence on ‘RUINING, as do the vocal melodies of frontwoman Krysta Cameron. While some bands claim to ‘mature’ on each new album, IWABO seems to have grown in certain areas, while not necessarily bringing forth a more mature sound. Cameron shows signs of becoming a female Mike Patton, with screams and death growls stepping aside for actual singing on occasion (a little Bjork at the 0:43 mark on Karate Nipples?), while the instrumentation remains as schizophrenic as ever, but with additional layers of tightness and precision.

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Bottom Line: There’s a lot of fine moments in here – You Know That Ain’t Them Dogs Real VoicesDeodorant Can’t Fix UglyStay to the Right… I’ve had this album in my possesion for a month and can say with confidence that IWRESTLEDABEARONCE have created something worthy of repeat listening, As someone who has wrestled a bear once, I approve fully.

Added Fun: Play RUINING IT FOR EVERYBODY as a double feature with IT’S ALL HAPPENING in reverse order from newest to oldest. I did it, twice.

Rating: 4/5

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