Jon Lajoie (left) channeling my sentiments when in certain situations | Source: Jon Lajoie Comedy

Let’s be 100% honest here — the COVID-19 pandemic has been a terrible thing on multiple fronts. But, there is a real gift that has been given to those of us that wish to avoid certain situations or certain people: an excuse to duck out.

Jon Lajoie nails the sentiment on his new single, “One Thing.” While the expert purveyor of musical comedy points his efforts firmly at his “annoying friend, Todd,” I’m sure most people can swap that for someone.

Personally, I feel the real gift of the pandemic has been pulling back on the constant running — the kind of weekend-killing, time-sucking, back-and-forth to “obligations” that were too numerous in number and lacked any real meaning. For many of us, the pandemic gave us our time back and even saved us money (how many activities do the kids really need to be in each week?).

How does Lajoie nail it so well? Just throw it back to this gem from 12 years ago: “Stay at Home Dad.”