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KNIGHT RIDER for Kids! 1:15 Scale K.A.R.R. is coming…

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001 smallAs of this writing, I have mentioned KNIGHT RIDER in no less than 20 of the 1,804 articles that currently reside here on The Rock Father. I love introducing my children to the things that I grew up on, and KNIGHT RIDER is a prime example. My four-year-old is all about K.I.T.T. and Michael Knight, and she knows K.A.R.R., too. As in, the “Knight Automated Roving Robot,” or “the original prototype of the car of the future”… K.I.T.T.’s evil twin predecessor. We have the 1:64 scale K.A.R.R. that Mattel recently released as a part of their Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Series, but now there’s something a little big bigger on the way… a 1:15 talking K.A.R.R. from the evil wizards at Diamond Select Toys as a perfect companion to their 1:15 scale K.I.T.T. and forthcoming SUPER PURSUIT MODE model. Due in April 2014, K.A.R.R. just went up for pre-order via my affiliate, Entertainment Earth. Check out some early specs below…

“Michael, that car… It could’ve been my twin. It was exactly like me.”K.I.T.T., November 19, 1982


“Watch your rear fender, KITT – it’s the Knight Rider KARR 1:15 Scale Vehicle! The evil vehicle KARR (Knight Automated Roving Robot) appeared in 2 of the most popular episodes of the classic TV show Knight Rider, where he quickly established himself as one of the greatest vehicular bad guys ever! An early prototype of KITT that later became his greatest foe, KARR is now a 1:15 scale electronic replica, measuring 14-inches long with working lights and sound effects, including some of KARR’s classic dialogue from the show! The Knight Rider KARR 1:15 Scale Vehicle is packaged in a window box with a “try-me” button.”

There’s always been some weirdness with K.A.R.R., and if he doesn’t look quite the way you might remember, here’s a rundown: When he first appeared, he looked exactly like K.I.T.T. with an all-black body and a red scanner. The difference was his yellow voice modulator, and the fact that his voice sounded suspiciously like Optimus Prime (it was actor Peter Cullen). When he returned two years later, he somehow had a yellow/amber scanner, and halfway through the episode, he got a two-tone paint job that added silver to his lower half. And, his voice changed. The Diamond Select K.A.R.R. appears to be a mix of his appearances on the show.

Want to get reacquainted with the badassness of K.A.R.R.? Watch his two full episodes, “Trust Doesn’t Rust” and “K.I.T.T. vs K.A.R.R.” in the NBC players below…



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