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LEGO Super Heroes: Building Comic Book Adventures for All-Ages


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When it comes to LEGO®, so much has changed over the years, though the fundamentals have stayed the same. Growing up, we had a couple of different options in terms of size, all presented as basic building sets limited only by your imagination – or available in themed collections that offered a starting point for adventures yet to come. During my first LEGO experiences in the 1970s and 80s, we didn’t have all of the great licensed sets that exist now, and as a parent it’s been fascinating to explore the multitude of possibilities available to the kids of today as they still build worlds limited only by their imagination – but ones that now feature some of their favorite characters from comics and film.  LEGO Super Heroes is a home-run on so many levels, with LEGO Super Heroes: MARVEL and LEGO Super Heroes: DC Universe allowing kids (including BIG kids like me) the ability to create the ultimate comic crossover at home. While you won’t see MARVEL’s AVENGERS vs. DC’s JUSTICE LEAGUE facing-off or teaming-up on the big screen (I once explained to our oldest daughter that Superman and Spider-man don’t “hang out” due to rights issues – she wasn’t having it), it’s completely feasible that you’ll see it on the floor of your family room – and in multiple scales! There’s Super Heroes for every age, with LEGO DUPLO (1½-5), LEGO JUNIORS (4+) and the LEGO Super Heroes (5+) putting the tools for adventure into age-appropriate packages that have just the right size or skill level for your little builder.

Finley is digging her new LEGO Juniors Spider-Man Set!

Now, we have more LEGO sets in this house than I can possibly count at this point (after all, they end up mixed-and-matched at some point), and over the past six years my wife and I have been able to see the growth in our builders – with each of The Rock Daughters™ “graduating”  between the different levels of sets. Finley is on the cusp between DUPLO and JUNIORS, while Adalyn is starting to do more of the standard line.

LEGO JUNIORS are Easy-to-Build, with easy-to-understand instructions.

I’m usually here to assist, but with JUNIORS being a relatively new thing – a bridge between the youngest and older – it’s cool to see how easy-to-build these are. Finn breezed through her new MARVEL Spider-Man Hideout set, quickly creating a fine setting for a confrontation between Spidey and The Green Goblin. Truth be told, I think they became best friends and then took the included Police Officer’s 4-wheeler for a joyride. Finn calls the cop “a spaceman” anyway.

Spider-Man, Finley Hand
Spider-Man, Finley Hand. Does whatever a LEGO can…

Teachable moment: The “crook” from last year’s LEGO City Advent Calendar was spotted lurking near Spider-Man’s house. Spidey eventually webbed him and turned him over to the police. Lesson learned – don’t grow up to be this guy….

Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be this guy.
LEGO Crook has no idea that Spider-Man is lurking right behind him. SPOILER ALERT: Spidey webs him!

Addie’s latest set is The Batboat Harbor Pursuit – a collection that posits Batman and Robin against the villainous Deathstroke in a water-based adventure. Deathstroke was a bad, bad, boy and he’s rockin’ a little grey box filled with jewels that he most certainly does not own. Racing across the “harbor” (the play table), Batman and Robin show obvious signs of disgust, sneering at the orange-masked member of their Rogue’s Gallery as they hunt him down in pursuit of justice! But first, the world must be carefully crafted…


LEGO Says: “As children play, they grow confident in their ability to bring stories and ideas to life. LEGO® Super Heroes is a perfect way to introduce the entire family to the land of make-believe & open-ended play. With something for every age, you are never too young or too much of an adult to build your own version of a superhero with LEGO bricks.” I heartily agree with this statement. Speaking of being “too much of an adult,” how about that new LEGO Super Heroes 1966 Batman Batcave set that’s coming out? I want that one!

Batman uses The Force?
Batman REALLY enjoyed THE FORCE AWAKENS. Even Robin is surprised at Bruce’s quick mastery of The Force.

In the end, you know what the best thing about LEGO Super Heroes is? The sets are fun, and they allow kids to bond through age-appropriate experiences and open-ended imaginative play. It’s the kind of hands-on, timeless activity that I always get behind.

THE ROCK DAUGHTERS love their LEGO Super Heroes!

Start your little ones’ LEGO Super Heroes collection now – see the full assortment at LEGO.com

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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