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It’s #NationalCheeseLoversDay, and had I known that in advance, I would’ve planned more accordingly. My friend Charles (you know him as “Chuck”) runs a national chain of pizza and fun emporiums, and to celebrate the day, he’s got his staff out on the streets of New York City to let passers-by do a blind taste test of some new pizzas on the menu of an un-branded food truck. Check out the reaction of these non-actors when they find out that they’re sampling new offerings from Chuck E. Cheeses!

Personally, I haven’t tried these yet, though we did enjoy the last major update to the Chuck E. Cheese’s menu a year or so ago (the round pizzas, not these rectangular ones). While I’m certainly up to try these, I can guarantee that The Rock Daughters would jump at a trip to Chuck’s without even having to ask. One thing I have to debate, though? That claim of NYC as “the pizza capital of the world.” Everyone knows it’s Chicago!

Source: Chuck E. Cheese’s

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