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MIKE PATTON – THE SOLITUDE OF PRIME NUMBERS (Music From The Film and Inspired By the Book) Review

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pattonsuitI am indeed one of ”those people.” Yes, ”those people” that rabidly look forward to the release of anything involving FAITH NO MORE/TOMAHAWK/FANTOMAS/MR. BUNGLE/LOVEAGE/MONDO CANE/PEEPING TOM/countless other projects’ frontman MIKE PATTON. Where I differ from many is that I will not claim ”genius,” upon every release. There have been some projects that I’ve liked less than others (ADULT THEMES FOR VOICE, WEIRD LITTLE BOY), but as a a whole – the complete body of work will forever remain impressive for both quality and quantity.

The release of Music From The Film and Inspired By the Book The Solitude of Prime Numbers (La Solitudine Dei Numeri Primi) is a gem – albeit one that is best to describe as a standalone work. Author Pablo Giordano’s 2008 novel THE SOLITUDE OF PRIME NUMBERS was an instant hit in Italy, a ”story of two individuals, Mattia and Alice,  whose lives parallel each other in uncanny ways, like twin primes: both lonely but close to each other, separated by an even number.” Moved by the book, and later contributing music to a 2010 film based on the book, Patton’s album features cinematic arrangements titled for each of the first 16 prime numbers.

SOLITUDE is a record for those that appreciate film scores. Fans of FANTOMAS and MONDO CANE may also enjoy the sounds, but those of a theatrical mind will particularly enjoy tracks like 03-Identity Matrix, with it’s LALO SCHIFRIN-esque qualities, or the more sinister sounds found within 19-Radius of Convergence. The album closer, 53-Weight of Consequences, which recalls GOBLIN at times, before building into a vocal climax and fading to black, is a personal favorite.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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