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OUR PLACE NETWORK launches Mobile Network for Teens and Tweens…

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The OUR PLACE NETWORK (OPN) has launched a new mobile application and podcast geared toward teens and tweens as part of their effort to create a social network for adolescents. The iOS App is currently available in the App Store, and is expected to roll out on other platforms in the near future. Full details landed here at Rock Father HQ this weekend, and can be viewed below. 


Our Place Network

opnOPN is the place for young people the world over to meet, chat, create and share in a safe, supportive and monitored environment. At Our Place, teens are talking about: friends, dating, puberty, sex, gay issues, bullies, families, school, love and other complicated things like life.

Inspired by OPN creator Louise Palanker’s iTunes Staff Pick book, Journals, the OPN app allows kids to create their own profiles, join in conversations, and give and get advice. The positive tone of the app is set by Palanker, who brings to this experience a teaching background and years of heading up mentoring programs for non‐profits. Says Palanker, “Kids deserve an online community which nurtures cyber kindness. As they venture onto the internet, we are excited about providing young people with a safe space in which to connect and make a positive difference.”

Developed by The Knuckleheads, a Portland, OR firm, CNO George Domurot says, “A kids’ network presents safety challenges. We’ve developed a set of security nets that automatically block and filter unwanted devices and users. We are excited about the network’s growth opportunities and applaud the OPN team for their efforts in helping kids.”

OPN is an ever expanding world which will soon offer an incentive program that rewards cooperation and respect. Current Features include: A Community “Courtyard” for giving and getting advice and support, An “Ask Weezy” Section in which Palanker dispenses one on one advice, a Chat Forum, and A Creativity Corner for sharing stories, poems, songs, etc. Users also get their own private diary which asks them prompting questions about their daily lives, plus Palanker’s award winning book, Journals. The app’s Tune In section presents a weekly video podcast, Our Place Out Loud, which can also be accessed at OurPlaceNetwork.com. Hosted by Palanker and a panel of wise kids, the show features guests from the worlds of psychology, law and entertainment, as it delves into the pressing concerns of today’s teens. “OPOL is the natural extension of our online conversation,” says Palanker. “It gives voice to the concerns of teens everywhere. Our hope is that the show will foster discussion as parents and kids watch and listen together.” Growing up just grew a little bit easier.

Welcome to Our Place.

For more details, check out http://ourplacenetwork.com/

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