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As the father of a newborn, I’ve recently been reminded of a pet peeve that I haven’t really thought much of since getting past the pacifier stage with our first daughter a few years back. Actually, I might’ve mentioned it in passing here on The Rock Father once before, but in recent weeks this little annoyance has become an irritation with increasing regularity. I’m talking about parents (or others – at the store, at the playgroup, etc.) that refer to any child’s pacifier as a “Binky” by default. The reason? Most of the time, they’re sorely mistaken.

You see, BINKY is a brand name, one that is actually owned by Playtex. Therefore, it is only right to call a child’s pacifier a “Binky” if it’s actually a BINKY. If it’s not a BINKY, then you’re just plain wrong if you called it one. It’s like calling every car a “Ford,” or calling every cola a “Coke.” Maybe I drive a Chevy and like to drink Pepsi. Maybe my daughter has an Avent, a Nuk, or a Born Free in her mouth. Perhaps I just don’t like the sound of the word “Binky”?

Binky Diagram
The bottom line: Parents, don’t call your child’s pacifier a “Binky” unless, of course, it’s a BINKY.

P.S. – Do not ever refer to a blanket as a “Wooby.” 

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