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PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters: Hands-on with Playmogram 3D + a Look Ahead at The Real Ghostbusters!


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Last year, PLAYMOBIL surprised audiences by getting into the realm of pop culture licenses for the first time. Now in their 44th year, PLAYMOBIL is entering their second year of licensed product by expanding upon the first to launch – PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters. That line was a huge hit right out of the gate, and we were lucky enough to have received the Ecto-1 for review last year, along with the iconic Firehouse Playset as a gift from The Toy Insider. My girls and I were so into it that we eventually purchased all of the other sets. So with a collection based largely on 1984’s Ghostbusters, it’s only logical that the next step would be 1989’s Ghostbusters II and the folks at PLAYMOBIL have done just that… but they’re also looking for inspiration in a more unexpected place: The Real Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters PLAYMOBIL

The most recent sets released are part of the Ghostbusters II Playmogram 3D assortment. The four main heroes, Winston, Peter, Ray and Egon are all present, decked-out in outfits and gear that reflect the look of the second film. The stickable “slime splashes” have been updated from green to pink as they now represent the river of slime that was running beneath NYC in the film.

Winston Zeddemore having lunch.

What’s really new here is the Playmogram 3D technology which uses a free smartphone app to project a holographic ghost into the included trap. Using a unique cone placed atop the trap, the phone becomes a projector to make the simple illusion work. While it’s hard to photograph, it’s effective and the kids love it. Personally, I’m still apprehensive about letting my little ones use an $800 phone for play, but the tech does what it should here. We received the Winston Zeddemore set for review, and we’ll no doubt pick up the others down the line. Check out our YouTube Channel for video on these!

PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters II

Looking ahead, I got a first-hand look at The Real Ghostbusters collection at the 115th North American International Toy Fair in New York last month. These new sets not only take inspiration from the popular 1986-1991 cartoon series, but also the spin-off toys that Kenner created in that era. Not only are these new sets exciting for kids who are discovering the cartoon thanks to Netflix, but they’ll be adored by fans and collectors who have waited nearly 30 years for new toys from that series.

Toy Fair 2018 - Playmobil The Real Ghostbusters

In fact, I believe the only thing from The Real Ghostbusters that had become a toy in the years since was a Hot Wheels version of the animated Ecto-1 (reviewed here). Now PLAYMOBIL is in on the action, and on a related note, Diamond Select Toys will soon issue a set of collector-focused action figures based on the era.

PLAYMOBIL Real Ghostbusters

PLAYMOBIL The Real Ghostbusters™ Mission Packs: Packs include the Ghostbusters Venkman with Helicopter (9385), Spengler with Cage Car (9386), Zeddemore with Aqua Scooter (9387), and Stantz with Skybike (9388) as they embark on ghosthunting adventures and work to rid the world of ghoulish spirits.   Available: April 2018 Age: 6+  MSRP: $21.99

We’re huge PLAYMOBIL fans here as it is, but the addition of Ghostbusters has really added a whole new dimension to our play. These are highly-recommended and Rock Father-approved! 

Related: Last year also brought the first sets created in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation, a series based upon the popular Dragons franchise. That line will grow this year as well, and another DreamWorks series will get the PLAYMOBIL treatment as new sets from the Netflix hit Spirit Riding Free arrive. Stay tuned for more on those in another feature coming soon.

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