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#TFNY: Here’s the Full 2018 Lineup of Rusty Rivets Toys from Spin Master!


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At Toy Fair in New York last month, the Spin Master booth was a center of constant activity. While their offerings are diverse, their television brands are a big deal, and we’re now entering into the second year for Rusty Rivets, which airs daily on Nick Jr. Last year, the much-anticipated toy line first hit the scene as a Toys “R” Us Exclusive, but this year it’s a wide-release meaning that parents should be able to find these just about anywhere. While I was personally hoping to see a Mobile Rivet Lab Playset on display (it might’ve been too new), that didn’t happen but a lot of other great items have materialized. The Rock Father™ is excited to present to you a full look at the 2018 Rusty Rivets toy line, complete with suggested pricing and availability dates below. Get ready to Combine It and Design It!

Rusty is a 21st century kid hero who invents his way out of every jam by repurposing spare parts and objects into the wildest, coolest, most awesome contraptions ever. All toys have interchangeable pegs for kids to combine and design their creations, just like Rusty!

Rusty Rivets Rusty Racers Bonus: Kids can zoom through the imaginary world of Sparkton Hills with their favorite TV hero, Rusty Rivets! Complete with working wheels, this car is ready for an adventure.

Rusty Rivets 2018 Toys - Racers

Use the bonus parts to help combine and design Rusty’s Racer! Each bolt can be snapped onto the back of the racer for a fun building experience! Bring the world of Rusty Rivets home with Ruby, Botasaur, and Turbo-Bytes Racers (sold separately). Small parts included.
MSRP: $5.99 Age: 3+ Availability: Spring 2018

Rusty Rivets - 2018 Secondary Vehicle Packs

Rusty Rivets Secondary Vehicle Build Pack: Ride with Rusty Rivets on his speedy Supermoto! Decked out with a pull-back wheel feature, this bike is ready to race through Sparkton Hills! Put Rusty (figure included) in the driver’s seat and zoom away! Easy to build, kids of all ages can snap together the Supermotopieces and recreate their favorite scenes from the TV show! For even more adventure, combine Rusty’s Supermoto with other sets from the Build Me Rivet System, like Botasaur, the Buggy Build, and more (sold separately).
MSRP: $14.99 Age: 3+ Availability: Fall 2018

Rusty Rivets 2018 Botasaur

Rusty Rivets Botasaur: If you can dream it, you can build it with Rusty Rivets! Now you can create the Botasaurand bring him to life just like Rusty does in the show! Kids get hands-on as they assemble the parts included to create their own Botasaur! Once built, this iconic character comes to life! Press the button on the back of his head and his eyes will light up and flash as he makes Botasaursounds! With an expressive face and voice of his own, kids can interact with their newfound sidekick! With so many functionalities, the Botasauris a great way for kids to engage in creative play. Give your child the chance to design, build, and create, just like their favorite characters, with the Rusty Rivets Botasaur!
MSRP: $ 24.99 Age: 3+ Availability: Fall 2018

Rusty Rivets 2018

Rusty Rivets Build Packs: Step into the world of Rusty Rivets and combine and design your own fleet of Rustified vehicles! The Flying Rusty Kart, Jet Pack, and Balloon Blaster come in six easy-to-assemble parts. Kids can build, take apart, and build again! Once built, kids can combine each set with the rest of the Build Me Rivet System, creating all the inventions from the hit TV show. Modify, customize, Rustify with Rusty Rivets!
MSRP: $7.99 Age: 3+ Availability: Fall 18

Rusty Rivets 2018 Tigerbot

Rusty Rivets Tigerbot offers an easy-to- build, hands-on set that lets preschoolers build an authentic replica of their favorite character from Rusty Rivets. Pull back on Tigerbot’s silver fur and his eyes will light up as jaw opens, letting out a bellowing roar! Tigerbot is part of the Build Me Rivet System that lets kids combine Tigerbot with their other favorite Rusty Rivets characters, like Botasaur & Botarilla (sold separately).
MSRP: $24.99 Age: 3+ Availability: Fall 2018

Rusty Rivets 2018 Tigerbot

Look for all of these great toys later this year!

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